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#1 Mango



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Posted 19 April 2017 - 08:23 PM

1) No advertising 


2) No cheating, bug abusing, hacking


3) No staff impersonating, or impersonating of any kind.


4) Multilogging the same boss, instance or not. it counts as the same thing.


5) Spamming, or threatening DDOS will result in a perm ban (depending on the circumstances) 


6) Scamming of any kind


7) No RWT (Real world trading)(trading osrs gp for amulius items or gp)


8) No bashing on the server or players.


9) Respect All Staff


10) No punishment dodging





we all like to have fun, but rules must be followed.  when filing a report on a player, please leave the number of the offence, with proof of the offender. 


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