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Price Guide as of 4/25/17 After Eco Reset


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Posted 17 April 2017 - 01:57 AM



- Ahrim's hood 2M

     - Ahrim's robetop 5-7M

       - Ahrim's robeskirt 5-7M

- Ahrim's staff 1-3M


- Torag's helm 3M

        - Torag's platebody 3-6M

       - Torag's platelegs 3-6M

        - Torag's hammers 1-3M


- Verac's helm 5-7M

      - Verac's brassard 5-7M

      - Verac's plateskirt 5-7M

- Verac's flail 4-6M


    - Guthan's helm 5-10M

           - Guthan's platebody 5-10M

           - Guthan's chainskirt 5-10M

     - Guthan's spear 5-10M


- Dharok's helm 8-12M

        - Dharok's platebody 8-12M

       - Dharok's platelegs 8-12M

- Dharok's axe 8-12mM


- Karil's coif 1-3M

          - Karil's leathertop 4-7M

            - Karil's leather skirt 4-7M

            - Karil's crossbow 3-5M

    - Bolt rack's 3k ea



Godwars items:


- Armadyl helmet 50M

- Armadyl chestplate 100M

- Armadyl chainskirt 100M 

- Armadyl crossbow 60-75M

- Armadyl godsword 175M

    - Armadyl pendant 1M (not coded)

- Armadyl crozier 5M

- Armadyl cloak 5M

- Armadyl mitre 5M

- Armadyl stole 5M

- Armadyl robe top 5M

- Armadyl robe legs 5M


- Bandos chestplate 100M

- Bandos tasset 150M

- Bandos boots 15M

- Bandos godsword 60M

- Bandos crozier 5M

- Bandos cloak 5M

- Bandos mitre 5M

- Bandos stole 5M

- Bandos robe top 5M

- Bandos robe legs 5M


- Zamorak spear 25-40M

- Zamorak hasta 50-60M

- Zamorak godsword 75M

- Staff of the dead 80-100M



- Saradomin godsword 150-225M

- Saradomin sword 25-30M


Other boss items:


- Trident of the seas 50-70M

- Looting bag 10M

- Mysterious emblem 3-5M

- Ring of the gods 50-75M

- Treasonous ring  30-45M

- Tyrannical ring 30-45M

- Dragon pickaxe 20M

- Dragon axe 20M

- Odium ward 50M

- Malediction ward 40M

- Dragonic visage 50M

- Monkey greegree's 100-200M

- rod of ivandis(10) 30M

Dwarven rock cake 15-30M

- Mud battle staff 5M

Steam battle staff 5M

- Seers ring 25-35M

- Archer ring 25-35M

- Warrior ring 20M

- Berserker ring 40-55M

- Kraken tentacle 125-175M

- Occult necklace 30M

- Lime whip 300-500M

- Barrelchest anchor 20M

- Serpentine helmet 200-400M

- Blowpipe 300M

- Magic fang 200M

- Toxic staff of the dead 250-325M

- Spirit shield 30M

- Blessed spirit shield 50M

- Spectral spirit shield 100M

- Arcane spirit shield 200M

- Elysian spirit shield 300M 


Trident of the swamp - 200-250M




- Amulet of fury 10M

- Berserker necklace 7-10M

- Dark bow 15-20M

- Ranger boots 30-50M

- Robin hood hat 25-50M

- Partyhats 300M

- Halloween masks 200M

- Dragon bones 50k ea

- Dagannoth bones 100k ea

- Wyvern bones 125k ea

- Abyssal whip 10-15M

- Dragon boots 5-7M

Dragon full helm 60-75M

Primordial Crystal 125m

Pegasian Crystal 85m

Eternal Crystal 75m

Smouldering Stone 40m

Dragon Warhammer 200m

Zenyte Shard 50-75m

Amulet of Torture 90-110m

Ring of Suffering 50-75m

Necklace of Anguish 80-100m

Ballista 60m (not coded)

Ballista Parts 15m

Dragon Platelegs/Skirt 1-2m

Infinity Armor uncolored 3-5m per piece

Colored Infinity 15-20m per piece

Trimmed armor all 2-4m per piece









- Melee helm 100-200M

- Melee platebody 100-200M

- Melee platelegs 100-200M

- Kiteshield 100-200M


- Range coif 80m-150M

- Range top 80m-150M

- Range skirt 80m-150M

- Range vambs 50-100M


- Mage hood 150-200M

- Mage top 150-250M

- Mage robe legs 150-250M


These are other non items that i included that sell.

-Snakeskin boots 100k

-Zulrah scales 3k each

Crystal halberd 20-30M

- Vote books 2-4M 

- Slayer helm 40-60M

- Slayer helm i 75-85M

- Bonecrusher 10-20M

- Tanzanite and mutagen dyes 75M

Member ship bonds 100M-200M

ROC(A)  Advanced ring 125M-200M

ROC donator ring 75-125M

Mystery boxes 30-70M

Christmas cracker 450-600M

Gilded pieces 5M each

Grimy adrigals 25k each

Infinity boots 5M

Dragon arrows 3k Each

Dragon darts 6k Each

Coal 2k each

Dragon bolts (e) 4k each

Super anti, fire and range potions 30k each

Steel bars 5k each

Cannon balls 2k each

Iron ore 5k each

Runite ore 20k each

Runite bars 40k each

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#2 Talos



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Posted 28 April 2017 - 09:49 AM

Very helpful info, nicely done =]

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Posted 11 June 2017 - 08:18 AM


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Some useful information

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