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Death10484/Prime Staff Application.

Mango is a Peach.

Best Answer Mango , 17 April 2017 - 12:42 AM

accepted! best of luck.

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#1 Death10484



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Posted 10 April 2017 - 04:53 PM

In game name accounts:

Death10484, Prime






UTC -5:00

Estimated time of playing (post a picture of your quest tab):

https://puu.sh/vfLGp/ad31f5a6d1.pngi go afk a lot..

Are you a helpful person and are knowledgeable about Amulius?:

I would like to think that i'm helpful but that's for other players to decide and as far as knowledge goes i know i'm experienced enough to guide people in playing on the server.

Are you willing to commit yourself and follow the rules of Amulius?:

I'm willing to commit myself to the server as long as i still find it enjoyable to play i can't guarantee more than that and i am willing to follow and help enforce the rules of the server if needed.

What do you plan on doing if picked:

Help out in chat and around the server to the best of my ability.

Essay Questions: plsno.

Have you had any past offences on your account? (State them all and why):

i don't recall any offences.

What makes you a outstanding candidate compared to the other applicants.

I have decent experience in being a staff member and i understand and know a lot about the game.

Elaborate on some of your past experience(s) holding a staff position.
i have only had one past experience when it comes to being a staff member on a Runescape server before it's end but i have had multiple experiences with player hosted game servers but there isn't much to elaborate on, most of the players i have been playing with are relaxed and patient so i was more of a glorified help desk than moderator due to lack of disturbance from the player base.

If you were in our shoes, what qualities would you look for in a potential staff member and why? Please discuss a minimum of five examples.
Someone who has the tolerance for repetitive questions from new players coming into a server they know nothing about, dedication to the server and rules they are expected to enforce, someone who can understand multiple perspectives when it comes to things happening among players, willingness to teach new players about the server so they understand what they're playing, and lastly experience in both playing and being a staff member. +no pushovers


If you could change one thing about Amulius, what would it be and why?

There's not anything i can really say i want changed about the server or how it's ran and that's a reason why i'm still playing the server.

Is there anything extra you wish to add that wasn't covered in the above responses?

I am usually very silent in chat i hope this isn't a huge factor in the decision of my staff application i just generally don't have much to say.

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Posted 17 April 2017 - 12:42 AM   Best Answer

accepted! best of luck.


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