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Posted 21 October 2016 - 05:43 PM

Basic Requirements:

  • 50 hours of in-game hours
  • Joined the server one week before the application date
  • Must have 20 or more forums posts

Increase your chances:


  • Make a decent guide, flex your in-game knowledge (greatly increase your chances)
  • Be kind around the server
  • Be active on the server
  • Make your application colorful and follow basic grammar rules*
  • Have 3 or more people vouch or approve of your application 

Please note: 

  • If you DO NOT meet the BASIC requirements, your topic will be AUTOMATICALLY DECLINED. 
  • If you have a typing/reading disability that affects your grammar skills, please state in the "Languages" part of the application. 
In game name accounts:




Estimated time of playing (post a picture of your quest tab):

Are you a helpful person and are knowledgeable about Amulius?:

Are you willing to commit yourself and follow the rules of Amulius?:

What do you plan on doing if picked:

Essay Questions:

Have you had any past offences on your account? (State them all and why):

What makes you a outstanding candidate compared to the other applicants.

Elaborate on some of your past experience(s) holding a staff position.

If you were in our shoes, what qualities would you look for in a potential staff member and why? Please discuss a minimum of five examples.

If you could change one thing about Amulius, what would it be and why?

Is there anything extra you wish to add that wasn't covered in the above responses?
Best of luck,
Amulius HQ Staff


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