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#947 Achievement completionist cape and new items for achievement shop!

Posted by crisdafeirce on 25 February 2017 - 11:09 PM


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#930 Amulius Raids System

Posted by Mango on 25 February 2017 - 01:17 AM

Gamemodes able to complete raids for a reward.
Ironman can only team up with other ironmen.
Legends can team up with other legends
can also attempt to solo raids
Rewards- common drops
Uncut Gems- Rubies 1-10, Emeralds 1-10,  Sapphires 1-20, Diamonds 1-15,                Dragonstone 1-5
Runes- all runes drop 20, except bloods 1-15, Deaths 1-15
Rewards- uncommon drops
Cooked and uncooked food- uncooked sharks 1-250, cooked sharks 1-125, uncooked mantas 1-100, cooked mantas 1-50
Bones- Dragon Bones 1-50, Wyvern Bones 1-25
Ores, Bars-  Mithril ore 1-80, Mithril bar 1-20, Adamant ore 1-60, Adamant bar 1-20, Runite ore 1-20, Runite bar 1-10
Rewards- Rare drops
Elder Maul 1-500 droprate
Dragon Crossbow 1-800 droprate
Lime Whip (unless you re add tarn) 1-800 droprate
Ticket (100m) 1-800 droprate
Dragon Claws 1-1200 droprate
Pet Olmlet 1-1250 droprate
Skilling while in Raids-
Fishing/Cooking: keep a fire walking distance from the fishing area
Fishing could need a minium requirement of 90 fishing and cooking for both (doesnt burn the food)
Have this new food item be Anglerfish which heal 22 health per fish.
Herblore/Farming (Brews, restores, and creature potions)
Farming patch with a non agro npc that drops seeds(Toadflax, Snapdragon, Creature herb) for making the potions (patches only need a seed to grow, no secondaires required like composts
Adding Flasks, (6) dose potions to be made from superheating buckets of sand.( only obtainable from a sandbox in raids)
with flasks, each herb is a full (6) dose. 
Theiving room-(90 Theiving) gives a room without having to fight a boss, but adding theiving items into a coffer to pass. have 3 npcs in the room for the items, needing 100 theived items to pass room(item is noted while picked)
Raid room layout-
   Boss room-Tekton
   Theiving room
   npc fight room- have this room with a few boss minions. like a minion from each gwd room
   Skilling room-fishing/cooking 
   Skilling room-herblore/farming
   Boss room-Muttadile
   Add community chests at the end of each boss room, accessible my either ironmen or legends. to help trasnfer supplies when running low. (wont need to go back to each skilling room for more supplies)
   last boss room-Vasa Nistirio (This room is the boss that drops the items from the droplist)
Bosses in raids- Tekton, Vasa Nistirio, Muttadile
Tekton- uses melee, maybe add a arm raising animation for a magic attack? kinda like jad,
Muttadile- uses melee at close combat, uses magic at distant fights
Vasa Nistirio- usess melee and magic, add a animation different from each style? need to destroy crystals in the room to damage him.
Exiting raids. upon ending each raid, all items recived( except rewards) will be deleted from your invo
Rare items, stats plus info
Elder Maul- No speacial attack, same speed as a godsword. two-handed crush weapon, needing both 75 attack and strength
Attack bonus +0 Stab +0 Slash +135 Crush -4 Magic +0 Range
Defence bonus +0 Stab +0 Slash +0 Crush +0 Magic +0 Range
Other Bonuses- +147 Strength 
Dragon Hunter Crossbow- requires 65 range to equipt increases both accuracy and damage by 10% when fighting dragons,and skeletal wyverns
Attack bonus- +0 Stab +0 Slash +0 Crush +0 Magic +95 Range
Defence bonus- +0 Stab +0 Slash +0 Crush +0 Magic +0 Range
Other Bonuses- None
Dragon Claws-Requires 60 attack to wield
Attack Bonus- +41 Stab +57 Slash -4 Crush +0 Magic +0 Range
Defence Bonus +13 Stab +26 Slash +7 Crush +0 Magic +0 Range
Other Bonuses- +56 Strength
Have the Raid drops go straight to the bank.
Please Leave your thoughts, and comments :)
-Mango  also thanks to-Crisdafeirce for some suggestions aswell

Attached Thumbnails

  • Dragon Claws.png
  • Elder Maul.png
  • Dragon Hunter Crossbow.png
  • Olmlet Pet.png
  • Tekton.png
  • Muttadile.png
  • Vasa Nistirio.png

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#445 Staff Roster

Posted by Mod David on 05 December 2016 - 03:55 PM

As a summary, here's how the team looks like right now:

Current Amulius Staff Team








23k3yup.png xxx





Global Moderator







Forum Moderator(s)






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#328 Cerberus - The Hellhound Boss

Posted by Sponge on 28 November 2016 - 02:52 PM

Cerberus - The Hellhound Boss


Cerberus will require a slayer of 91 to kill and can be found in a cave within the Taverley Dungeon.


Primordial, Eternal and Pegasian Crystals

Cerberus has a slim chance of dropping primordial, eternal and pegasian crystals. These crystals can be combined with the current best-in-slot boots for melee, magic and ranged to create the new, top tier boots in Os Veldahar.


Smouldering stone

In addition to dropping these crystals, Cerberus also drops the smouldering stone. This item can be combined with either a dragon axe or dragon pickaxe to create either an infernal axe or infernal pickaxe.


Infernal axe

The infernal axe is a hatchet of the same tier as a dragon axe. When chopping trees with the infernal axe there is a 1/3 chance the logs will be burnt as they are chopped. This will give you 50% of the firemaking experience that would usually be gained by using a tinderbox to burn the logs.

Infernal pickaxe

The infernal pickaxe is a pickaxe of the same tier as the dragon pickaxe. When mining rocks with the infernal pickaxe there is a 1/3 chance the ore will be smelted as it is mined. This will consume the ore and will give you some smithing experience based on the amount that would usually be gained when creating a bar from the ore.

For rocks that cannot be smelted you will receive smithing experience based on the level required to mine the rock.



I would really like to see this boss (if possible), not only because it's just another cool boss with new mechanics and new items, but also to make our playerbase grow again, this will definitely help.


Additional info:
Oldschool newspost http://services.rune....ss?oldschool=1

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#782 Server update 30/01/17

Posted by Mod David on 30 January 2017 - 02:57 PM



Small update, eh?!?

  • Rune crossbow has been fixed - 
  • Fixed prayer disabling when going to Kraken 
  • Fixed talking within 5 seconds on clan chat 
  • Fixed the extra pest control for donators
  • Magic potion (4) no longer shows as a rare drop
  • Fixed super anti bug - supposed to cure poison AND give a 5 minute 45 second immunity to poison
  • Fixed master farmer 
  • Fixed the magic bow special attack
  • Uncut onyx now displays as a rare drop
  • Fixed KDR\Wildy Kill Death Ratio - so it no longer counts as 2 deaths per one, and 2 kills per one onto the stats
  • Fixed the DFS charging
  • Fixed fishing animation

If you have any suggestions, or if you find any bugs, please do post it on bitbucket


EDIT: This is not the update with placeholders, and other big stuff (the big updates will hopefully be live this week) *there will be a separate topic for that, so stay tuned!*

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#165 Rune Essence

Posted by Max - RSPS on 12 November 2016 - 02:34 AM

I want to suggest that you add more rune essence to the general store. Reason being, it gets bought out too easily. If with three players it gets bought out you will have a major issue later in the future. 


Also, think about it from this point of view...it's the weekend perfect time to get 4x xp by voting well no voting as no essence to train runecrafting with. Just food for thought. 


Before you say "you can mine it" that option is obviously there for the irons let them have fun doing that ;) 


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Posted by crisdafeirce on 11 February 2017 - 08:06 AM

This is an edited version of the official price guide for amulisrsps made by v2 and xxx.

This is my opinion don't follow it if you don't like, because in the end you can sell 

or buy anything at whatever the two people have exchange in business items or cash.


Edited by crisdafeirce.




- Ahrim's hood 5M

     - Ahrim's robetop 5-10M

       - Ahrim's robeskirt 5-10M

- Ahrim's staff 2M


- Torag's helm 5M

        - Torag's platebody 5M

       - Torag's platelegs 5M

        - Torag's hammers 2M


- Verac's helm 5M

      - Verac's brassard 5M

      - Verac's plateskirt 5M

- Verac's flail 2M


    - Guthan's helm 5-10M

           - Guthan's platebody 5-10M

           - Guthan's chainskirt 5-10M

     - Guthan's spear 5-10M


- Dharok's helm 10-15M

        - Dharok's platebody 10-15M

       - Dharok's platelegs 10-15M

- Dharok's axe 10-15M


- Karil's coif 3M

          - Karil's leathertop 5-10M

            - Karil's leatherskirt 5-10M

            - Karil's crossbow 4-7M

    - Bolt rack's 2k ea



Godwars items:


- Armadyl helmet 125-175M

- Armadyl chestplate 200-275M

- Armadyl chainskirt 200-275M 

- Armadyl crossbow 75-125M

- Armadyl godsword 200-250M

                         - Armadyl pendant 300-600M op necklace

- Armadyl crozier 10M

- Armadyl cloak 10M

- Armadyl mitre 10M

- Armadyl stole 10M

- Armadyl robe top 10M

- Armadyl robe legs 10M


- Bandos chestplate 200-300M

- Bandos tasset 300-400M

- Bandos boots 25-50M

- Bandos godsword 100-125M

- Bandos crozier 10M

- Bandos cloak 10M

- Bandos mitre 10M

- Bandos stole 10M

- Bandos robe top 10M

- Bandos robe legs 10M


- Zamorak spear 75-100M

- Zamorak hasta 75-100M

- Zamorak godsword 100-150M

- Staff of the dead 100-200M



- Saradomin godsword 150-200M

- Saradomin sword 50-75M


Other boss items:


- Trident of the seas 50-75M

- Looting bag 10-30M

- Mysterious emblem 5-15M

- Ring of the gods 100-150M

- Treasonous ring 75-125M

- Tyrannical ring 100-125M

- Dragon pickaxe 50-75M

- Dragon axe 25-30M

- Odium ward 200-250M

- Malediction ward 200-250M

- Dragonic visage 50-75M

- Monkey greegree's 100-200M

- rod of ivandis(10) 10M

Dwarven rock cake 20-40M

- Mud battlestaff 5-10M

Steam battle staff 5-10M

- Seers ring 30-50M

- Archer ring 30-50M

- Warrior ring 10-20M

- Berserker ring 75-100M

- Kraken tentacle 100-175M

- Occult necklace 50-75M

- Lime whip 300-450M

- Barrelchest anchor 30-60M

- Serpentine helmet 400-600M

- Blowpipe 400-600M

- Magic fang 350-500M

- Toxic staff of the dead 200-250M

- Spirit shield 50M

- Blessed spirit shield 75M

- Spectral spirit shield 100-175M

- Arcane spirit shield 200-300M

- Elysian spirit shield 300-400M 


Trident of the swamp - 300-450M




- Amulet of fury 15-30M

- Berserker necklace 15-30M

- Dark bow 20-30M

- Ranger boots 80-120M

- Robin hood hat 50-75M

- Partyhats 400-500M

- Halloween masks 350M

- Dragon bones 200k ea

​- Dagannoth bones 250-300k ea

- Wyvern bones 250k-300k ea

- Abyssal whip 10-20M

- Dragon boots 5-10M

Dragon full helm 75-150M




- Melee helm 100-200M

- Melee platebody 100-200M

- Melee platelegs 100-200M

- Kiteshield 100-200M


- Range coif 100-200M

- Range top 100-200M

- Range skirt 100-200M

- Range vambs 100-200M


- Mage hood 150-300M

- Mage top 150-300M

- Mage robe legs 150-300M


These are other non items that i included that sell.

-Snakeskin boots 500-1000k

-Zulrah scales 5-7k each

Crystal halberd 25-30M

- Vote books 3-5M 

- Slayer helm 20-40M

- Slayer helm i 40-90M

- Bonecrusher 10-20M

- Tanzanite and mutagen dyes 50-120M

Member ship bonds 100M-200M

ROC(A)  Advanced ring 100M-200M

ROC donator ring 75-150M

Mystery boxes 30-70M

Christmas cracker 450-600M

Gilded pieces 10M each

Grimy adrigals 300-400k each

Infinity boots 1-3M

Dragon arrows 5-10k Each

Dragon darts 5-10k Each

Coal 5-7k each

Dragon bolts (e) 2-5k each

Super anti, fire and range potions 50-100k each

Cannon ammo moulds 5-10m each

Steel bars 20-30k each

Cannon balls 8-12k each



Again this was made by someone who plays at the most recent days of amulius.




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#803 Amulieroni's Trumpateers

Posted by Mod David on 02 February 2017 - 10:17 PM



The Amulieroni's Trumpateers - Where the server becomes great again!


Here at Amulieroni's Trumpateers we offer many wonderful clan services including but not limited to THREE TIME winning clan bankruptcy special, lots and lots of female NPC for everyone!




On top of all that we offer the best pking experience in AmuliusRSPS! We hold the TOP (and only xD!) record of most clan kills in the wilderness. we provide great support for PVM, PVPing via multi kill, luring, and also provide great toupee servi-I mean top player service... 


We will be great again I guarantee it 








 If you wish to join the most amazing pk clan on Amulius then fill out the form below. Be aware that 99% of applicants will be DENIED for being too noob. kthx.


In-Game Name:


Hours in game: 


Are you of Hispanic Origin:


What languages do you speak(BETTER BE ENGLISH):


Describe your pking experience:


Describe in detail your best pk ever:


Do you want to make Amulius great again:












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#725 In-game Mini-game promotion events + More Mini-game Rewards

Posted by Max - RSPS on 20 January 2017 - 09:15 PM

I'd love to see a "voice of saren" type of thing but for minigames. That way players who need specific products can do it at their own schedule instead of having to wait  for a specific day 


Also PRO TIP a good money sink idea, let a player to "buy" what the next saren will be :) 

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#708 HELLO People of Amulius

Posted by DemonicJinx on 20 January 2017 - 03:00 PM

How is everyone!

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#701 [Staff feedback] - January 2017

Posted by killer3800 on 19 January 2017 - 11:46 PM

Name: Divine
Rating (1-5): 5 
Additional Comments: You are an outstanding owner, you're always asking what updates you want the players to see. You listen to the community. It would be nice to see you online longer during the days (just to chill with you) but you are online quite a but already :P. You interact with all the players. You even pk with us (Rip Sinsation). Keep up the great work man!


Name: X X X

Rating (1-5): 5
Additional Comments: You are doing an outstanding job. I always see you online at all times of the day. You are very friendly, you joke with players and try to get involved. You are always helping players. When you afk to do your packing you still come back to check in every so often :P. You were well placed into this role and i'm looking forward to being part of this server with an active community manager.  Keep up the great work man :P.


Name: Divinity

Rating (1-5): N/A
Additional Comments: I'm not sure if I have actually been online while you have been. I think I've seen you once. I think we are just separate hours so I don't want to give you a bad rating if that's the case :P. I hope to see you around the server sometime!


Name: V2

Rating (1-5):  N/A
Additional Comments: I don't really see you around much at all. I've seen you a few times. You were afk for a while from what I remember when I saw you. The other times you were well involved with questions and helping with anything. I can't give a full rating for I haven't really seen you in action really much I guess because of time differences :P. Other than the one time of afking you do a great job. Keep up the great work, Hope to see you around!

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#567 Server update 17/12/16

Posted by Mod David on 17 December 2016 - 03:15 PM

  • Fixed a major serial bug
  • Updated lib to the latest version, and added gzip and disabled caching which makes the store and the hiscore run much faster.
  • Fixed hiscores
  • Fixed Well of Goodwill
  • Added #119 OSRS items, which means dragon warhammer, shayzien, etc
  • Fixed the snow - now, it doesn't show for dungeons.
  • Added IPN for the donation store
  • Added max cape

Players can use the max cape on certain best-in-slot cape items, which will change the stats of the max cape to the item being combined. Doing so will also require the player to have the max hood in their inventory. When combined, the max cape will lose its perks, making it merely a cosmetic enhancement to the original item.

The items that can be combined are as follows:

  • Fire cape, which creates a Fire max cape
  • Ava's accumulator, which creates Ava's max cape
  • Saradomin cape, which creates a Saradomin max cape
  • Guthix cape, which creates a Guthix max cape
  • Zamorak cape, which creates a Zamorak max cape


  • Added it so you are able to get god capes from the statues (It was going to be just like os, but we don't have the minigame added, so the only way to get the capes is by just clicking on the statues https://bitbucket.or...od-cape-statues

The three types of god capes are:

  • Zamorak cape
  • Guthix cape
  • Saradomin cape

When dropped, the capes will immediately be destroyed without warning, as the god reclaims the cape when it touches the ground. Once lost, a player can get a new cape by once again praying at the statue

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#552 Content that people actually want

Posted by xxx on 15 December 2016 - 06:45 PM



Abyssal Sire

Demonic Gorillas

If possible, a weekly event where the winner is rewarded the choice of a mystery box or (skilling box) 

better slayer rewards! 

Tormented demons with d claw drop (95) slayer to kill so the skill is actually worth leveling after 85.

Jad pet where you can purchase the pet with 350k tokkul or gamble with your fire cape! (or as a drop)

Skilling pets for those who are not so good at pvm but love the dog shit out of the skilling pets!

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#546 Staff Roster

Posted by Max - RSPS on 15 December 2016 - 05:33 PM

Good to see some staff updating and getting rid of the inactive. Congratulations of course to Divinity!

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#116 Server update 07/11/16

Posted by Mod David on 07 November 2016 - 06:35 AM

  • Fixed memory leaks
  • Fixed login bug
  • Fixed client radio bugs
  • Fixed the website MySQL issue 
  • Added more vote links to the vote-page
  • Fixed hiscores -> which is live right now (just need to empty the previous MySQL table)
  • Added duo slayer (The first and second person gets 50% split)  https://bitbucket.or...g-exp-to-slayer
  • Fixed rollback issue
  • Fixed major bugs on the POS.

If you have any suggestions, please post it on ::reportabug !!




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#958 My goal + Updating with progress!

Posted by Ɉⱥǩë on 02 March 2017 - 05:50 AM

 So I'm going to start this thread as a starting point I suppose, but my goal for the server is to essentially grab 200m in every stat and do so in an efficient way. I'm not concerned about being the first one to do it, I just want to do it to do it y'know?  


 Anyways, the plan is to post all my progress in this one thread and turn it into a nice timeline! I'll need a few replies on the thread with some motivation every once in a while if I want to make it through, so I encourage it!  ;)

March 2nd 2017:




This area here (next to the good old magic tree) has been my sanctuary for the last little while. I sit at 130m/200m in woodcutting, an update will come once I finally achieve my goal of 200m experience.



March 3rd 2017:

 We Made it 200m/200m - Featuring ma boi Kush





March 4th 2017:

I've now decided to move onto my next 200m, being fishing... Raw sharks are about to be my new biggest stack (overcoming my 10.2k mage log stack) as the exp is just about half the pace of woodcutting. I currently sit at 88m/200m in fishing.


March 5th 2017:

 So I took a "quick" detour from fishing to grab a max cape, I'll throw up a pic once I get there  :P


March 9th 2017:

Back at the fishing grind, I'm now 140m/200m expierence, hustling until I grab the first iron 200m in fishing!




March 11th 2017:

Well boys not only is it my 18th birthday, but i've also finally achieved 200m/200m fishing exp, took a few hours or smt... but wurf 




Today I also started and finished thieving some 3336 Dragon necklaces (easy) putting me at 200m/200m thieving experience, finishing of my third 200m!



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#931 Jake, I am...

Posted by Ɉⱥǩë on 25 February 2017 - 01:19 AM

~Hello there~ 


A few days ago I was trying to figure out how i'd like to spend my spare time, and I had really been missing the time in my life from when I was younger where I had played a large amount of RSPS's. With that being said, I came to the decision I wanted to find a quality private server to start grinding for a bit of fun. When I came across this server it looked good from afar, but now that I've been on for a few days and started up my IronMan account (IGN: Jake) I'm appreciating it's quality that much more! I'm excited for this server, as I believe with the quality of the development and the already fantastic foundation, it could most definitely find its place amongst the top of the runescape private server lists. 


A bit of information about myself:


  • I'm 17 years old (18 on March 11th)
  • I'm from Canada
  • I'm in my senior year at high school and have early acceptance into myuniversity of choice for both science and business (I've yet to decide what program I want to take...)
  • I started my first ever runescape account at age FOUR... 
  • I'm very much an extrovert and love to chat, so if you're looking for someone to chat with ingame, send me a message or ask to discord, I really would love to get to know those within the community.


Anywho, thanks for reading my introduction, I'm pumped to aim for a top spot on the Iron Man Hiscores!

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#754 airbase incoming

Posted by Mod David on 23 January 2017 - 06:21 PM

Look out for that David guy he likes to post random memes. 




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#70 Recovery

Posted by ItzJazzeh on 24 October 2016 - 10:24 PM

i know i can't help much but the items you are probably SoL since everyone lost theres cuz it was an eco reset but the rank shouldn't be a problem.

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#345 :C

Posted by Divinity on 29 November 2016 - 10:28 AM

Could be because the school uses some sort of proxy in their wifi, blocks out a lot of stuff.

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