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Server update 30/01/17



Small update, eh?!?

  • Rune crossbow has been fixed - 
  • Fixed prayer disabling when going to Kraken 
  • Fixed talking within 5 seconds on clan chat 
  • Fixed the extra pest control for donators
  • Magic potion (4) no longer shows as a rare drop
  • Fixed super anti bug - supposed to cure poison AND give a 5 minute 45 second immunity to poison
  • Fixed master farmer 
  • Fixed the magic bow special attack
  • Uncut onyx now displays as a rare drop
  • Fixed KDR\Wildy Kill Death Ratio - so it no longer counts as 2 deaths per one, and 2 kills per one onto the stats
  • Fixed the DFS charging
  • Fixed fishing animation

If you have any suggestions, or if you find any bugs, please do post it on bitbucket


EDIT: This is not the update with placeholders, and other big stuff (the big updates will hopefully be live this week) *there will be a separate topic for that, so stay tuned!*

Mod David

Server update 15/01/17


Small updates, eh??



  • Added vengeance other spell
  • Added spec transfer spell
  • Added heal other spell
  • Fixed making combat potions
    you now require 3 doses of the super attack, strength and defence potions rather than 4 doses of each
  • fixed infinitive prayer bug with kraken
  • Made it so degradable verac items are now also taken into account when checking if the player has the full verac set
  • Made it so dragon spear special prevents you from healing up for a short time
  • Dragon spear special now works for spears with a poisoned tip (p, p+, p++)
  • Dbow increased spec dmg lowered from 55% to 50%
  • Fixed kalphite queen in drop checker
  • Fixed gold ores in resource bag
  • Fixed wearing d’hide armour without 40 defence
  • You are now able to sell trident of the seas in trading post
  • You can no longer attack kraken with melee
  • potion stat boosts have been changed to work the same way they do in runescape

Non-super potion boost: 13% + 1 -> 10% + 3

Super potion boost: 20% -> 15% + 5

Mod David

Server update 05/01/17

Small little update, eh?


  • Fixed all the NPCs
  • Fixed Donator IPN (It now works!!)
  • Fixed DFS handling
  • Fixed POS bugs
  • Fixed MySQL issues 
  • Fixed the market -
  • Fixed ring of wealth(i)
  • Fixed drop rates for legends, and iron mans
  • Added droplist interface ingame




Mod David

Server update 03/1/17

Rune ranged accuracy 90 -> 95 armadyl ranged accuracy 100 -> 110


bonus accuracy 50% -> 0% bonus dmg 65% -> 50% added effect; heals for 50% of dmg dealt (round down)  -



NOTE; Sorry for the small updates, there will be a big update with some bugs from bitbucket. Drop rates, combat system will be fixed, there will also be a drop list interface added ingame soon!

Mod David

Server update 26/12/16

Small updates? 


  • Dart fletching was only added for mithril, adamant and rune darts and even that part was done wrong. I went ahead and reworked the entire dart fletching system, fixed the current added darts and added the leftovers (e.g. bronze, dragon) as well -
  • Dragon daggers has a double 25% accuracy, so basically (1.25^2)% accuracy while this should be simply 25%. Dds spec was 56% extra accuracy, but I changed it to 25%
  • Christmas double exp is still on!
  • Added something that logs the ipn, which means the web donator store is fully secure.
  • Void now works with magic and melee 
  • Added discord widget to the forums (because ppl keep asking for the link)
*Blocked so many words ingame (no more swearing ladsssssss)

Mod David

Server update 24/12/16

  • Added double EXP for xmas
  • ;;Max now works accurately, with range and magic
  • Fixed the draynor bug
  • Fixed client bug
  • Fixed MySQL issues
  • Fixed the forum login issue, that most ppl were having issues with. 
  • Added mac, it is located at home (you need to talk to him, to get a max cape)
  • The roots at nieves slayer cave has been fixed.
  • Added new prestige features
  • Fixed enchant bolts
  • Fixed Market (shows recent trades)
  • Fixed the punishment system, and the logs.






Mod David

Server update 17/12/16

  • Fixed a major serial bug
  • Updated lib to the latest version, and added gzip and disabled caching which makes the store and the hiscore run much faster.
  • Fixed hiscores
  • Fixed Well of Goodwill
  • Added #119 OSRS items, which means dragon warhammer, shayzien, etc
  • Fixed the snow - now, it doesn't show for dungeons.
  • Added IPN for the donation store
  • Added max cape

Players can use the max cape on certain best-in-slot cape items, which will change the stats of the max cape to the item being combined. Doing so will also require the player to have the max hood in their inventory. When combined, the max cape will lose its perks, making it merely a cosmetic enhancement to the original item.

The items that can be combined are as follows:

  • Fire cape, which creates a Fire max cape
  • Ava's accumulator, which creates Ava's max cape
  • Saradomin cape, which creates a Saradomin max cape
  • Guthix cape, which creates a Guthix max cape
  • Zamorak cape, which creates a Zamorak max cape


The three types of god capes are:

  • Zamorak cape
  • Guthix cape
  • Saradomin cape

When dropped, the capes will immediately be destroyed without warning, as the god reclaims the cape when it touches the ground. Once lost, a player can get a new cape by once again praying at the statue

Mod David

Mod David

Mod David

Server update 07/11/16

If you have any suggestions, please post it on ::reportabug !!




Mod David

Behind the scenes

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