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[OFFICIAL] Amulius Teamspeak

We now have an OFFICIAL Teamspeak Channel!

Mod David

I'm back lads

Hey lads.


I went inactive for 2-3 days, and now I'm back... just needed a break, because I had so much work to do when it comes to work, and so on - The reason why I made this topic is because I was getting so many PMs.


Updates coming soon ladddddddds!




Mod David

Donator store!



We have recently added new items to the donator store.


Please do check it out at :



EDIT; Donator features are being re-worked on and here are the new features that we will be added very soon!


Normal donator:

Highlight a rare item on the ground (orange or green)
Add thermonuclear smoke devil
20 vote points monthly
10 points each pc game
Make them able to restore prayer points at GW half of the time
1,5 pk points for normal donator
Slayer task cancelling for 5 instead of 10
Same features as normal donator
50vote points monthly
12 points each pc game
X2 pk points
Same features as normal and premium
Double vote points
1m everytime they vote
Gets 1 mbox every month (if they are active) 
Thanks  [member="vaelthreaz"] and [member="Haste"]

Mod David

Ban Amnesty!

Important: Today or early tomorrow we're going to reset our banlist which means that our 100 long list will be deleted. Everyone will be given a second chance to join Amulius and play our services.
Why? After digging through or list and discovering that 98% of our bans are for a petty crimes we've decided that we should give everyone a second chance. Let's see what happens :)
So expect to see some old faces, we sure hope they will behave!
P.S some of our previous members have had their forum account banned - If that's the case, they can talk to me or via PM on the forums and request an unban. Each case is different so don't expect that every forum account will be unbanned.

Mod David

Forum changes

Dear members,


We've recently set a back up of the Divine Reality forum. We have made the decision to do this because our in-game character files are also a backup from Divine Reality. We are sorry if any of your old forum accounts, topics or posts from AmuliusRSPS were lost. If you are missing a rank from the original AmuliusRSPS forum feel free to give David a heads up.


Yours sincerely,


Apache Ah64

Apache Ah64

Site rebuild complete

Hello everyone, 


As most of you are aware the past few days we have had several technical issues with our website and a few 'Maintenace periods' or downtime. We are happy to say that this should now be the end, while working closely with a friend of mine who's much more advanced than I at the whole website scene helped me find the root of the intrusion and eliminate it at it's tracks.


As most of you know by the redirect placed on our site & (The emails received by the aforementioned) we was compromised, but only slightly. They gained access to the files but our SQL server stayed intact and secure. This means no information was stolen so we are safe in that respect.


We are happy to say that we should now be fortified, I believed we found the root of the problem yesterday, but it crept back up with another intrusion, a one liner code which was neatly tucked away but It was found and removed. 


I appreciate the patience and understanding of the members of the community and hope you still believe in the server, and i can say with confidence this should be the end of any site intrusions and if it's not at least we can spend more time fortifying and learning about several new things.

Mod David

Stay Secured! [13/8/2015]

Recently we have had some reports of 'hacked' accounts. I must insist that you create a pin on your account(s), and changing your password frequently helps. Do NOT download things or click links you are unsure of, this is a way hackers can gather your information. A big way people do this is from skype, be very careful what you download and who you download it from.


With [member='mod tim'] being gone, there is a limited amount I can do on this matter, so bare with me until this is done, and check for rats on your computer. I will stay on top of this and look heavily into this for the time being, when Tim is back he will be able to look more into this and recover the lost accounts. Please remain calm in the meantime, I am doing all I can.


If you have any information regarding this matter, PM me directly. If you have questions about account security PM me in-game or leave a comment below.


A good Anti-Virus scanner we recommend is 'Anti Malware bytes', stay secured guys!


Follow this link to learn how to set a pin:


Inactivity 11-17Th

Hello everyone,


A lot of you haven't seen me lately and this is not because I have stopped working on DR or anything of that nature, it's simply because I am going on holiday. This is my first holiday that I will be going abroad, so I am pretty excited. 


Awhile ago, my girls parents organised this holiday and I had no idea about it, and the time has finally come round that I am going!


I have a few exciting things planned for this holiday, and I hope they all go my way and ill be sure to update you (with pics) of everything!



I'll miss everyone, In my absence [member='mod ryley'] and [member='God'] will be observing the server.

Mod David

Deadlock/unexpected Shutdown [08/09/2015]

 The server has randomly shut down or a deadlock has occurred. Please wait while we try to figure this situation out. Your cooperation and patience is very much appreciated!​

Questions about our player-count: Many players have tried logging on with their alternate accounts but it kicks them out. Their account shows as logged in that's why the player-count keeps building up. It is not a fake player-count like some have speculated.


[Complete] Planned Mainteance [06/08/2015]

Hello guys,


Just wanted to inform you of a planned maintenance by our provider;


We will be updating the version of the Cisco IOS software used by a network switch upstream of the physical machine hosting your service between 1am and 3am CDT on Thursday, April 6. As a result of the switch being rebooted, you should see approximately 3-5 minutes of connectivity loss for your service.


Please refrain from doing dangerous activity at the specified time as it will cause you to lose connection for a brief few minutes.

Mod David

Iron Man & Legend Pk'ing

Hi guys, I wanted to discuss something I have been thinking about and that's PKing against a different game mode (Iron man and regulars).


(Regular counts for Sirs, and Legends).


Okay so at the moment, If i am a regular and I kill an Iron man, I will get nothing, but the Iron man has to purchase his items back via the death store so hence a loss of GP in the economy, I thought this was a good time to introduce a money-making method via PKING :o


Obviously It would have to cost more buying it back via the death store than your opponent would gain. 


I.e. You lose items which cost 10M to purchase back from the death store. Your opponent could receive 7.5M? Maybe less.


Let me know your opinions on the subject.


TLDR; Money is still taken from the economy, but PKing a different game mode isn't so pointless.

Mod David

Bumpy Road



As a lot of you are aware we just continue to hit road block after road block, and I know a lot of you are growing tired of this, I am too.


We eventually resolve one problem, we encounter another, My luck lately has been quite shocking and while also dealing with a lot of other pressing matters, I have a lot of IRL matters to attend to as well, 


Let me just stand here and re-assure you and explain some recent things...


If you was on today and you experienced the rollback, I can explain why


- I was contacted by NFOServers that a password change was recommended on all clients due to a supposed leak (Wasn't confirmed, still isn't) So they took it in their own hands to physically access my machine and change my password via BIOS (As most of you know the hardware must be restarted for BIOS to be entered), As this occurred everything on the DEDI was closed unexpectedly which resulted in every single player online rolling to their previous login state.


While this will never happen again, It's quite a traumatic and discouraging event to occur, especially after we've had so many of similar nature these past few weeks, or even months.


I as you can expect was extremely aggravated at this, as most of the players was too, so they got an ear-full, but at the end of the day I also thank them, as if their 'hinch' is correct It could of escalated a LOT further than that.


A quick summary to patch things up


- We identified the thread issue (Which was causing the deadlock, we now have this fixed and I can guarantee it this time). This means no more downtime, from this specific issue, but there should definitely be nothing else that should cause the server to go down unless It's maintenance, or otherwise. BUT even than we have procedures in place to prevent the rollbacks of characters. (It's impossible to prevent when the actual hardware is shut down as the software itself is closed unexpectingly).



We've lost and gained a lot of players, and most of them leave us continually as these problems persist, but I can only apologize and try to re-assure you that we are on top of these things, and you shouldn't let it make you leave us here.


I know things have been slow in terms of updates, etc BUT we are working on a lot of things, and a lot of new security has been applied to the website.



- Future plans


I have a lot of marketing plans I am getting ready to push live so we can once again begin to gain players, and flourish once again. These will begin to go live around 1st August - 3rd August, stay tuned.


Thanks, Tim.

Mod David

Deadlock [26/07/2015]

Although it's not my place to make this thread anymore the server is currently deadlocked. You can read more about this here.


Tim is currently offline but contact has been made to him and as soon as he logs in should see the message / or messages (depending on the staff team's spamming rate). The staff team to my knowledge have also had an incident with a former staff member and another member in which 500 people were added to the skype chat. This has been rectified, by simply creating a new chat. (lol gutted).



- DR Staff Team + Azuline.

Mod David

Youtube Contest/competition

Hi guys,


We are looking for some creative YouTube content to host on our new Channel which will be setup very shortly so we can open a new channel of advertising. It would be interesting to get a few player-made videos on here including some professional ones down further down the line.



We will have rewards for 3 players, so three of you can win!


1st prize: 3 Bonds

2nd prize: 2 Bonds

3rd prize: 1 Bond


We will decide the prizes very shortly, so stay tuned for that.



Additional rewards:


Ingame youtuber rank - This will be released with the next client update and the three winners will immediately receive this new rank!

Mod David

Recent 'lag'

Wanted to alert you guys of a notice I received by the provider


This is why we was experiencing some lag spikes late last night, and it wasn't our end.

Mod David

Server Event Dxp & Pest Control Points

Hello guys,


This weeks event includes


Double experience & Double Pest control points!



This will end 20th July



Mod David

Corp Beast Event

Post will be modified with specifications of the event if enough people vote yes to join in.


Glorious Day

After months and months of tedious work of rewriting and reading and documenting code we finally have found the cause to the 'thread halts',



This can be actually confirmed this time because I was able to replicate the issue on multiple occasions and finally tracked down the cause,


We can now triumph and development on things can now continue!


Regards, Tim 

Mod David

Deadlock Occured

Hi guys,



Unfortuantely the deadlock is STILL present, but it's due to something else, which means there was more than one. Now we are aware of this we will be investigating and attempting to find the cause of this other deadlock, I apologize to the players that are getting tired of this, and I understand and I am personally extremely tired of it but these are the sort of hurdles we have to overcome and rest-assured the development team are consistantly working hard to improve DR.


I apologize once again, 


Regards Tim.

Mod David

New Advertisement Methods

Hello DR community,


Today I come to you with a post explaining our new methods of advertising our lovely server Divine-Reality. A few weeks ago our former manager Azuline and I created a community Twitter account that we will now begin to update regularly, if you are interested in following our twitter to stay up-to-date on all things DR you can find us @DR_RSPS.


Furthermore Tim and I plan to introduce a communty Youtube channel ASAP as well as possibly introducing Youtuber/streamer icon's for in-game!


If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me directly via forum pm.


Thank you,

DR Staff Team.


Server Update [ 13/07/2015]

Hello everyone,


Firstly would just like to say that the 'dc' / downtime that occured a few minutes ago was due to a bug known within Java, you can read upon it HERE


We have rectified this now and it shouldn't occur again,


This weeks updates include:


[member='lare96'] Updates :


1. Rewritten Task manager and ActionPolicy system.


Thanks to Lare, he has written us a new Task system, which rectifies a few of the flaws with our old system.


2. FunPK


An issue which caused players to lose their items if they pked at funpk then died outside of it later on to an NPC etc is now fixed 


3. Prayers


Activating prayers without any prayer points fixed


4. Farming level up icon


When you level up farming, it will now display the correct interface.


5. Dragon spear


The dragon spear is now functional


[member='mod tim]


My updates :


1. Deadlock fix (Thanks to Ryley)


2. Trident of the swamp


It took 100 charges instead of 10, fixed.


3. Herblore


 Issue with herbs depleting randomly is now fixed.


4. Basilisks


Basilisk now have their respective drop-table


5. Gilded armour


Gilded armour defence requirements added.


6. Combat


  Some combat issues rectified, such as the bad diagonal check and several others which made PVP and combat in general tacky.


7. Freezing npcs


Freezing npcs now works properly.


Haven't got much done since the last update but being busy with the deadlock and performance in general,



Thanks for reading.

Mod David

Resizable Client Release

The re-sizable client version is now public and available for use,



You can download the re-sizable by simply clicking the 'Play' button and redownloading the executable jar or clicking this link HERE





Ctrl + Mouse scroll (Zoom in and out)

::optab (Transparent tab)

::tab (Changes tab format)

::chat (changes to transparent chat)



And of course, re-sizable. 

Mod David

Pk Tournament

Hello DR Family,


Today in the Clan Chat everyone was asked what kind of event they would like to see sometime in the near future. There were many ideas and one that really stood out was the idea of a PK Tournament. So I am glad to announce that we will be hosting a tournament shortly. Before we do he staff team wants to start a poll on this idea and see what everyone would enjoy the most. 


Tim would enable one of the other worlds and host the event there allowing for players to spawn items they need for pking and create an account that is ready to go.


Some ideas:


Please vote in the poll and let us know what one you would enjoy the most:


-Maxed Account pking

-Zerk Account pking

-Pure Account pking


Would you enjoy a team or a 1v1 tournament more?

-Teams (2v2, 3v3, 4v4, etc)



How would you like the winners to be picked?:


-A KDR leader board much like the one in the FFA Minigame

-Have people apply for the event and create a ladder of people to face eachother


What kind of gear would you enjoy pking in? Please post below some setups you enjoy using and we may be able to just add a command like ::pureset ::maxset things like that that will automatically spawn the items you will need to pk.

-Welfare (Things available in ::shops)

-Standard gears (Barrows items and other "semi rare" drops)

-Max gear (Bandos and other "Very Rare" drops from bosses)


If anything needs to be clarified on this topic please let me know and I will explain further. If you have any other ideas on how we can make this more enjoyable please let us know!


Thank you,


-DR Staff Team



Mr Wright

The Plague

Hi guys,


Just wanted to inform you of the deadlock status and I am happy to say that It is believed to be fixed this time, Ryley a friend of mine and ex-developer (partial developer still) Looked into it today and found the root of the problem.


Just wanted to update you and re-assure you that the issue is no longer a problem and you can play in peace.

Mod David

Server Dc July 12Th

It seems the server has gone into a "Deadlock",do not worry about losing any items from bossing or anything.This problem is being looked into and can only be looked into when this problem occurs.The server will be back up shortly don't worry,in the meantime check out the forums,stock up on some auth codes from voting,or even join the Teamspeak server.


My apologies from any inconvenience this has caused you

-Munchie God

Munchie God

Deadlock Occured

Hi guys,


Am aware of the deadlock and the server will not be coming online for a few hours while I debug the server and attempt to find the cause, this is the only time I am able to investigate as to what the problem is.

Mod David

Server Dc July 11Th

The server has gone into a "deadlock" today.This will be resolved as soon as possible,do not worry about losing items at a boss or anything.This problem is a rare occurrence that's being looked into to.In the meantime you can still vote,browse the forums,and join our Teamspeak server!


My apologies from any inconvenience this has caused you.

-Munchie God

Munchie God

Staff Team Opening!

Hello DR family,
I come to you today because the Staff Team has an opening right now that we would like to fill as soon as possible!

We have noticed recently that we have either 1 staff or no staff on around 0300-1200 server time. If you do not play during this time frame please do not apply. We are now asking anyone that is on at this time to put an application in for staff. We want to try and have someone on at all times or at least close to it.
Since this is a position we want to fill quickly we are lowering the requirements to 20 quality posts on the forums and 5 days in-game play time.
If you are interested in this position please fill out the application below and send it to me in a pm or post it as a reply to this topic.

About You:
Why you want to be staff:
Relationship to Community:
Relationship to staff:
Previous experience:
How often/when do you play? (Please use server time):

Thank you for your time,


-DR Staff Team

Mr Wright

Back And Ready

Hello DR,


I come to you today with a follow up post on my previous inactivity topic from a few days back. As many of you know my activity had slacked dreadfully last week due to my IRL situations; my topic explaining that can be found here.


As of today I will officially return to my old routine, although I won't be able to give 20+ hour days everyday anymore, I still plan to be an effective leader and helpful for the wonderful staff team and community.


So to start off my official return I would like to take today as a day to refresh my memory and get to know all the new members of the community I may have be absent to see join! So after you read this post feel free to send me a short and sweet pm in-game to chat with me or even a long and thought out message via forum pm if you rather have a long scale discussion. I will take the time to reply to each and every message as YOU the community are my number one priority.


Thank you,



New Teamspeak Server

I have purchased a new Teamspeak server, it has support for 100 players at the moment.


Come join us

Mod David

My Recent Inactivity This Week

Hello wonderful DR community,


I come to you today with this post to explain my recent inactivity this past week. Unfortunately my life outside of DR has been rough lately. I have been extremely stressed with taking care of my grandparents I live with, working long hours and having a bit of depression. I want to assure you there is nothing I can't get past and promise that I will return to my previous activity on DR. I have decided to take 1-2 days off from DR every week so that I can maintain my responsibilities away from DR better, I hope you all respect and understand my decisions.


Thank you,



Get To Know The Staff Team!

Hello everyone,


I have been talking to a few of you in-game recently and a lot of you have had some great feedback for me.


One of the many things mentioned was the staff not being connected to the community. To help fix this what I want to do is host a skilling event.


What we will do is all meet up at the skilling area and do any skill we want there. While everyone is skilling what I want to do is just have a Q&A and a general chat with everyone. Just get all of us talking to each other again and have a great time.


Event : Get to know the Staff Team!

Location: Skilling Area

Time: 2pm EST


Thank you,


-The DR Staff Team

Mr Wright

Server Dc July 3Rd

It seems that we have had a 'deadlock' today. This will be resolved as soon as possible, do not worry about losing items at a 'boss', you will be safe. Just know that the server will be up as soon as it can, this problem is a rare occurrence, do not expect things like this to happen often, we have the best team looking into it! You will still be able to VOTE and browse the forums safely.


Take this time to look over some suggestions, make suggestions of your own, there is plenty to do here in the mean time! You can also go HERE to report any bugs you have found previously while you have the time! Thank you for your patience!




Corrupt Staff?

Lately, there has been an increase in corruptancy claims. After reviewing all these reports I can tell you that the staff members are RIGHT in what they do. We have punishment logs and all punishments that are handed are to be logged and if they are not the punishment is reversed.


If you believe we have corrupt staff I want a message to my inbox personally. I have had enough of this being displayed on the forums and it doesn't make Divine-Reality look good. For those of you who care about DR's reputation you would have listened to my previous calls when I said to  message these claims to my inbox.

Anymore claims found on the forums will leave the player with an infraction. Thank you,

- [member=azuline]

Slayer of Ash, #1 Hybrid, Divine-Reality Manager

Mod David

Dr Wiki Team

Hello DR,

Today I come to you with some very exciting news. After a lot of discussion between the hierarchy we have decided to introduce an official DR Wiki Team. We decided on this because after reviewing the wiki we realized how much work needs to be done still to the wiki. There is a lot of pages with misguiding information and outdated content. The team will be in charge of creating new content on the wiki and also ensuring all other pages are up to date.


All players are still able to make contributions and if you show interest in becoming apart of the team we will gladly look into adding you to it.


So without further to do please welcome our Wiki Team!


[member=Mr Wright]

I will be taking lead on the Wiki and ensuring accurate information is given and applying protection to completed wiki pages.



God will also be helping me ensure accurate information is given and applying protection to completed wiki pages.



Astro has shown great capabilities with wiki editing. He has even taught me a thing or two about it. He goes and does work on his own without being told what to do.



Rexr has previously been given the Wiki Contributor rank and has expressed interest in being apart of the Wiki Team. We are happy to welcome him to the team!


[member=shia labeouf]

shia labeouf has shown great interest in the Wiki Team. The smithing page is all done by him and he is still working hard to make one of each item to give you the most accurate information possible!


Mr Wright

Becoming More Pk-Orientated?

Hi guys,


As we all know a lot of RSPS players while there is a lot of players who prefer PVM there is a vast majority which over-all prefer PVP, whether that be later down the line or all the time, we should focus catering for both aspects of players and I would like to discuss openly on the steps you would provide on what we could do to you encouraging people to join our server and begin pking.


I personally whenever I play would also PK, as i have no intentions of enjoyment in other fields such as skilling or bossing, but we all have our own desires and things that entertain us,


Let's not jump the gun here, this doesn't mean we are wanting to strip our server of the economy we've built upon, simply aid the newer players who join our server to get a quicker grasp on what they need to do and a summary of how long it will take before they can get into PK'ing.



So if you're a PK'er and have tips or suggestions on what we could do to improve our server to encourage people to PK, then let us hear it.



Mod David

Staff Of The Month: June

Hello guys,


As some of you may know every month, I (Azuline), chooses the staff member who I believe has worked extra hard for Divine-Reality in the leading month. I also use this accolade to help motivate staff members who may be aiming for this award to aim a bit higher. Although this award can bring a motivation boost to some, it can also be disappointing that you may have fell short of it or didn't get it. This is why I'd like to remind all the staff team that your performance so far has been phenominal and I am immensley proud of what you have all accomplished so far.


This being said here is the staff of the month for June!


Congratulations! You have been my assistant and have helped me when I was absent whilst in my examination period. You lead the team and also helped me with vital choices to help benefit the staff team. We have spoken for great periods of time on one subject in order to neautralise any confusion within our decisions. Although, with the brief resignation due to an argument with Tim earlier in the week, I'd like to praise you for your extra efforts.


With this I'd like to thank our new developer for his efforts:

[member=lare96]: You have been a great asset to the development team aiding Tim where possible and also pushing out some great content and vital fixes. You also interact better than any other developer we have had on the team, thank you.


I'd also like to thank the following members who fell just short of the award this month:

[member=god]: You spend lots of your time trying to get to the root of the issue in order to ensure there is no inch left uncovered. You also communicate with Anomaly very well in order to cease lack of communication. Thank you for your service so far!


[member=Mr wright]: You have stuck yourself out extensively in order to improve our wiki team, you also got your Admin promotion this month. Your work on the forums is very good and we credit you for your service so far.



Unfortunately, I cannot credit all staff members but you have all earned your position that you are at so far and again I'd like to thank you all so much for your efforts you have put in. The staff team is a nice environment and it is no thanks to you guys. It is my pleasure to work with you all and I'd like to see you all go far in this team.



- [member=azuline]

Slayer of Ash, #1 Hybrid & Divine-Reality Manager

PS: My sign off if permenant.

Mod David

26/06/2015 Re-Sizable Beta V2

Hi guys,


Hi guys, this is V2, the reported bugs have being fixed and would like for you guys to play around with the newer verison.




Additional commands


::optab (transparent tab)

::tab (different layout)

::chat transparent chat


Although not a lot of you have really mentioned this in the past, I thought it would be a good thing to get out of the way, evidently this did get major support awhile back and with OSRS introducing it, well it just seems appropriate and hell, it does look amazing.



Current progress





Mod David

Ffa Community Event

Greetings DR,

Today I come to you with information regarding our new Free For All arena. The event will consist of two separate rounds, which will be held on Satuday and Sunday. At the end of each round the top 3 contenders on the FFA leader board will receive an in-game reward.
Round 1: Starts on Saturday, June 27th at 6:00 PM (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada) and ends at 7:30 PM.
Round 2: Starts on Sunday, June 28th 6:00 PM (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada) and ends at 7:30 PM.
The rewards go as followed: 
#1 - This player will receive 100M coins + Random Greegree (Out of Ninja, Karamjan, Blue Gorilla, Gorilla, and Zombie).
#2 - This player will receive 75M coins.
#3 - This player will receive 50m coins.
For any further information please contact one our staff members directly.
Thank you,
DR Staff Team.


Wiki Meeting

Hello DR,


I would like to have a meeting in game today to talk about the wiki. I want to hear from the community what they would like to see added and I would like to recruit some help for wiki editing. If you are interested post below and I will get with you and discuss what can be done.


Meeting will be in 2 hours.


Thank you,


-DR Staff Team

Mr Wright

Change Your Password

Hi guys,


I wanted to bring this topic to light to prevent people from getting hacked, recently a few incidents where users have being hacked have gone down and while this can be due to various reasons the most popular is playing other servers with the same credentials.



We strongly recommend having a UNIQUE password for every-server you play, whether it be this one or any over server you play. At the end of the day we do not want your account to be compromised because another server cannot secure their information.



We also recommend enabling a bank-pin as a second layer of protection as they cannot gain access to your account without this information. 


I hope you guys understand the concern and heave the warning, It is not our liability if you get hacked.



Mod David

Insight On Drop-Rates

Hi guys, i wanted to discuss the situation with drop-rates, a lot of you are getting frustrated by dry-streaks and then you see players get a drop out of no where on their first kill, unfortunately there isn't exactly much we can do about this insane luck, but a little explanation.


Regardless of where you play, you will run into the same problem with drop-rates, of course some servers may have easier-rates but that's not necessarily a good thing, something that is hard to acquire is genuinely going to be worth more than a valueless item which can be obtained within 20 minutes.


Let's take a look at the current 'tries' to receive an item on a table.


Semi-rare (10)



[SEMI_RARE] Item dropped, took 330 tries!
[SEMI_RARE] Item dropped, took 211 tries!
[SEMI_RARE] Item dropped, took 204 tries!
[SEMI_RARE] Item dropped, took 74 tries!
[SEMI_RARE] Item dropped, took 158 tries!
[SEMI_RARE] Item dropped, took 3 tries!
[SEMI_RARE] Item dropped, took 251 tries!
[SEMI_RARE] Item dropped, took 156 tries!
[SEMI_RARE] Item dropped, took 16 tries!
[SEMI_RARE] Item dropped, took 21 tries!
As you can see, while the attempts to receive a semi-rare are sometimes high than incredibly low
[RARE] Item dropped, took 416 tries!
[RARE] Item dropped, took 238 tries!
[RARE] Item dropped, took 439 tries!
[RARE] Item dropped, took 427 tries!
[RARE] Item dropped, took 81 tries!
[RARE] Item dropped, took 47 tries!
[RARE] Item dropped, took 523 tries!
[RARE] Item dropped, took 223 tries!
[RARE] Item dropped, took 58 tries!
[RARE] Item dropped, took 14 tries!
This then takes me on to my next point, as you can see by this result while RARE is obviously harder to obtain there's still them slight situations where it takes MUCH less kills, but this is the same regardless of any server
Very Rare (10)
[VERY_RARE] Item dropped, took 926 tries!
[VERY_RARE] Item dropped, took 107 tries!
[VERY_RARE] Item dropped, took 6 tries!
[VERY_RARE] Item dropped, took 19 tries!
[VERY_RARE] Item dropped, took 340 tries!
[VERY_RARE] Item dropped, took 226 tries!
[VERY_RARE] Item dropped, took 133 tries!
[VERY_RARE] Item dropped, took 231 tries!
[VERY_RARE] Item dropped, took 987 tries!
[VERY_RARE] Item dropped, took 1162 tries!
Then our hardest possible rate, with a crazy (6) kills, this is just proof that it is extremely dependent on luck.
Let us know your opinions, and i hope this brings you some insight on how this works overall 

Mod David

Anomaly - Reinstated

Hello again everyone,


Earlier today I posted an unfortunate resignation post. After a long discussion with [member='Mod Tim'] it was determined that my return to Assistant Manager would benefit DR more than my departure.. I would like to apologize to all of the players if my recent posts have caused you any confusion. I am happy to say that there will be lots of great change to come and cannot wait to experience them with you all. Stay tuned for future updates lads and most importantly, have FUN!





Account Security

Hello DR,

Due to the increase in the amount of hacked accounts I am making an announcement today to encourage ALL users to change their password immediately.

Before changing your password run a virus scan on your computer.

Then in-game do ::changepassword (new password)

I also highly encourage players to change/set a pin on their account.

Thank you,

-DR Staff Team

Mr Wright

Recent Inactivity - Anomaly

Hello DR Community, I am coming to you with this post to explain my recent inactivity this past weekend. As many of you know I LOVE playing DR and am usually on all day every day. Unfortunately due to real life experiences I had to take a short break this weekend for many reasons..


First, my grandfather who I live with to take care of was rushed to the hospital on Saturday morning due to his decreasing health, because of this I have had to focus the majority of my extra time towards taking care of my grandma and other family members while my grandfather spends his time in the hospital.


Furthermore, yesterday was father's day here in America and I devoted that whole day to spending time with my dad while helping him do some various work.


I would like to apologize for my inactivity this past weekend and apologize further if my absence has caused anyone any inconvenience, I plan to return to my normal hours either later today or at the latest tomorrow morning on Tuesday, June 23rd. Thank you for taking the time to read and understand my absence!





[22/06/2015] Potential Ffa Arena Spots

Hi! It seems as if there is overwhelming support for FFA, so I've decided to poll some possible places for it. Please note that these areas aren't finalized, meaning they will be heavily cleaned up (useless objects removed, bank objects, etc.) while being made into the arena. Please vote for your favourite areas and/or comment below any additional areas you want to see. To spice things up we can even make the arenas change every time the server is restarted (to give some variety).
1. Temple of Ikov
2. Crandor
3. Burgh De Rott
4. Keldagrim
5. Port Phasmatys




Thank you for reading!

Mod David

[21/06/2015] Ffa? Yes? No? Maybe So?

Would you guys like to see FFA (Free For All) arena similar to the OSRS white portal in Clan Wars? I mentioned it earlier in the clan chat and everyone seemed to agree that they would enjoy having it.


In this area

- Anyone would be able to attack anyone, this includes Iron Men being able to attack Regular's and vice-versa.

- You will not lose any items upon death, the person who kills you receives no reward whatsoever for doing so (except bragging rights of course :P).

- You will not waste runes, ammo, or charges for spell, ranged, and charged weapons attacks but you will also not gain any experience points in the arena, although you would still require the ammo for ranged weapons in your arrows equipment slot (for obvious reasons). This could be developed further and made into a toggle so that people who still want to receive experience at the expensive of wasting their ammo/charges/runes can do so.

- There would be single combat and multicombat areas.


So basically an area purely for fun where you can test out your new weapons, settle disputes over a fight, or whatever else you guys want to do. Thoughts? Let us know! Don't worry as this won't delay any other updates because this can be done fairly quickly.

Mod David

Our Support System

Hey guys,


Recently I have been looking at the forums and I have been thinking to myself if we should have the support system internal or external.


What does this mean?

At thie moment, our support system is internal and is on the forums. I am asking if you would like it to be external. An example of this would be the 'Report a Bug' system. Where it takes you to [member=mod tim]s bitbucket page. This idea would work similarly.


What boards does this include?



Technical Support


Reporting Players

Forum Ranks



Well why not, here is a pros and cons table below.




So what do you think, leave a vote and a comment below and whatever has the most support by the 30th of June will be the winner.



- Azuline.


Mod David

Deadman Mode [Help Us Decide]

Hi guys,


This thread is for the creation of Deadman mode and how it will operate.


If you do not know what deadman is you can read upon it HERE 


Our current approach:


  • Red skull on deadman players for identifying their game-mode
  • a 48-hour starter timer
  • Increased XP-rates
  • Same world as normal world


Quite a brief topic, but we're just starting with the design board and would like to see what you guys think of how this should work and operate. 

Mod David

Server Maintenance [18/06/2015]

Hi guys,


Migration complete? Yes we are now running on the new hardware.



We will be migrating to our new dedicated server today so the server will be down for 15-30 minutes.



Specifications of this new dedicated-server


Intel Xeon E3-1270v3 processor (four physical 3.5ghz cores on QPI + hyperthreading + turbo -> 3.9ghz
32 GB DDR3-1600 ECC memory

240 GB SSD and 2000 GB 7200 RPM SATA hard drive.
36000 GB of bandwith transfer.




This is also located in Dallas so players should receive better pings.

Mod David

Community Poll (Retake)

Hi guys, I felt like the poll didn't go as expected and we would like some actual opinions on why you prefer your selected choice.


I also believe that the poll wasn't fairly done


By reviewing the actual topics of the suggestions the support for some of these are immensely high, but they got barely any support in the Poll.


I personally do not think Hunger Games would last long and would become dead content before it even picks up.



When selecting your choice please comment below why

Mod David

Staff Applications

Staff applications are closing today rather than the planned date of the 30th as we are wanting to bring in some new changes ready for next season. This means we will revert to the staff's eyes and we will now be handpicking our members like ripe bananas.


Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience,

- DR Managment

Mod David

[14/06/2015] G.e, P.o.s, Hunger Games Minigame, Deadman Mode?



There have been tons of great suggestions coming in as of late, and the DR team is slightly confused as to which suggestions the majority of people are interested in and how to effectively prioritize them. So we have decided to create a content poll in order to be able to see exactly what you guys want.


Reminder that the fastest way to get us to notice your suggestion/bug report is to create an issue on our issue tracker located here (we end up moving the suggestions/bugs we accept on there anyway, saves us the hassle).


Thanks for reading.

Mod David

Forums Tos Refresher

DR Community,

It has come to my attention that we have a lot of traffic coming to the forums. With all the traffic I have noticed that there are many "spam" posts or "off topic" posts made on topics when it is very unnecessary. 


The Forum Moderation team has been very lenient on these types of posts. From now on your posts will be hidden and if a pattern is seen in this type of behavior you will be given a warning points. The reason this is going to be happening is because I have noticed posts being made on suggestions/appeals/bugs/refunds when it contributes nothing to the post. We will not be cracking down on these types of things in the "Spam" forum for obvious reasons.


So with that being said just help us make the DR forums more presentable and productive by following the Terms of Service. If you need a refresher on the TOS you can find it here: [url=]Divine Reality TOS[/url]


If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me or another staff member. 


Thank you,


-Forum Moderation Team

Mr Wright

A New Plan

It has come to my attention that I tend to miss quite a lot of things when it comes to big updates and this results in a lot of problems especially for the players, Unfortunately I do run a test-world but It hasn't being effective in terms of finding bugs, Idk whether that be because they can't be bothered or what.


Anyway, for every update we will now be opening up the test-world for players to test any update that we are working on to ensure that we release bug-free and enjoyable content to the players.


I hope this provides a more enjoyable solution and that we can get rid of these situations where people are becoming upset, aggravated or disliking updates.



Thanks, I will be announcing when test-worlds are on and what we want you to test/what is being worked on. 

Mod David

Your Ideas Matter!

Hello everyone,


The Divine-Reality staff team has been noticing a lot of players suggest great ideas for the server recently via public chat and clan chat in-game, such as new NPC's, trading methods, and so forth. 


I am creating this topic to remind you all that the best way to get your suggestions for DR properly viewed is by posting them on the forums under Feedback and Suggestions. Here at DR we are all about growing into a better server with every update, a lot of that growth comes from new and improved content! 


As I said above, I urge all new players and old to post their suggestions! If you happen to do so please make sure to use the correct suggestion format which can be found here.


Thank you,

Divine-Reality Staff Team




Community-Shape Up

Hey guys,


Myself included want DR to become a better community over-all and there are just some players that are just not making this possible right now, I am bored of coming online and just seeing the same trolling nature, environment and plain right annoyance. Trolling is fun, to an extent, we all have limits but for some reason it seems people are just constantly attempting to cross these lines and I wan't to change this.


Now we made a topic regarding 'toxic players' and that was frowned upon by the players we labelled the toxic players, so now i want your open and undermined feedback on what our next step should be. 


This also includes a crack-down on some members.



Thanks for reading this post,

- Divine-Reality Staff Team.

Mod David

[Event] Double Skill Point Event



The event for this week will be double skill points.


You will now receive two skill points per deposit, rather than one.



End date : 2015/06/08



Mod David

Stress Irl And Myself

Hello everyone,



As many of you know I study computer-science and I dedicated a lot more time than i should of to DR and in result of this I have began to fall behind and as you are most likely aware this is the exam period and this caused me to fall behind on my study and course work and now I am going ahead with my exams.


As you can imagine I am pretty stressed out with the whole situation and I've worked a lot of my life to get to this point and I do not want to get lower grades than what i want to achieve, this is why I have being trying to remove myself from DR temporarily while I focus and catch up on my studies.


I am aware of how I have treated a fair few people recently and it is due to my backlash of everything getting on top of me, and to top it off I have constant needy players, trolls, and people I just don't have time for. I kept finding myself in arguments etc. In usual cases I have always kept my cool and got on with it, but recently I was getting frustrated, then that frustration wasn't leaving, so when the next day came I was still frustrated from the previous day and I ended up lashing out on the next guy for no fault of his own.


So to top this off I would like to apologize to the community and I appreciate the people who've attempted to understand why I have being like I have, and I hope the people who have decided to leave / think about it reconsider and do know that I am a generally nice person and I am here completely for the players and nothing else. DR was made for the players. 


Things are calming down and I am getting back to my old self, but I felt this was necessary to apologize in advance for anyone who took offense.



Thank you for reading. If there is any unsettled air I will happily respond and apologize personally for those whom deserve it.

Mod David

New Dedicated Server [Scheduled Maintenance]

Maintenance over, Server Online


I will be scheduling a maintenance update to transfer over to our new host within a day  / few hours depending.




Why the upgrade? Well we thought it was necessary to get some fresh hardware and I also wanted to get some SSD instead of regular Hard-drives due to the amount of data we now log, It seems appropriate to get some top-notch gear behind our server.



Speed tests


Specs of the computer system



Mod David


Hey guys,


Recently we have noticed a spike in the toxicity of players. Most notably Veterans. These players are restricting the growth of Divine-Reality and we have had several complaints to help back this information up. Just because you are a veteran or an ex-staff member you are NOT exempt from the rules in any way shape or form.


We are now putting an end to this. If a staff member deems you to be toxic in the way you say things, do things, your attitude and so forth. Then you will be given one final notice. After this notice you will be removed from Divine-Reality, if you are restricting the growth of Divine-Reality you do not belong here.


Thanks for reading this post,

- Divine-Reality Staff Team.

Mod David

Behind The Scenes: Slayer

Hey guys,


Before reading:

[spoiler]The media is below is taken on a local server so before saying anything no to the following:
- NPCs have not been removed

- The skill tab hasn't been changed


The media is just taken on a local server.



Just quickly wanted to show you what I've been working on. As we all know, Slayer has been in need of a rewrite. Now, it is undergoing that rework. This update isn't due anytime soon and an ETA will not be given for it either. However, here is some of the features it will include.


- 5 Slayer Masters (Turael, Mazchna, Vannaka, Chaeldar, Duradel)

- 4 tiers of tasks (Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite)

- Social-slayer

- The 'last task' (this means no more 2 tasks in a row).


This is only some of the features.


When you first begin slayer you get a little run down from Turael he will give you a 'standard' task. Which everyone will receive and complete! Slayer masters unlock in respective to combat level except for Duradel who will require level 115 combat and 90 slayer.


Some media - these are all screenshots, not actually uploaded:


First time doing slayer dialogue from Turael:




Upon activating the gem for the first time...




Upon activating the gem after the first time...



then your forgotten your assignment options..



Upon speaking to Turael after your first task!




If your combat level is better...





Thanks for reading,



Mod David

Experiencing Client-Crashes?

If your client is experiencing crashes you can help us help you by running the client via a .bat debug file which will run a black cmd box behind your client and will print any error messages which can be used to help me find and patch the issue with the client.



debug batch file


To run this, you simply place this in the same directory / location as DR.jar. Double click the .bat file and then await for it to open the .jar



Thanks, the quicker we get results the quicker i can write up a fix and prevent the crash.

Mod David

[Bts] Update

Is this implemented yet? Yes


I tend not to include live-fixes, so there is more updates included but most are simple fixes which i do not feel necessary to include.


Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know what I am working on and seeing if theres anything you would like changing / updating while I am working on these things.


1. Fixed issue with charging items & tradable items.
2. Rewritten Fishing, thanks to Azuline for helping to gather the data and referencing a design for me.
3. An issue with instanced floors patched.
4. Updated the controller for the GODWARS area to have support for teleporting to lumbridge on death.
5. Wilderness is now moved back and wilderness now starts two steps in.
6. Rewritten Upgrade / downgrade system handler
- Now supporsts downgradment with correct amount
- Can now load the toxic blowpipe with an amount up to 16,813 Scales & darts
- Every hit decrements a scale & darts
- Can unload darts & scales
- Support added for trident, serp helm, swamp trident

Mod David

Sotm [30Th May]

Hello everyone,


Welcome to the staff of the month thread. This month we are awarding this rank to [member='azuline], even though he has only just rejoined us here at Divine-Reality we have to sit back and take in the amount of effort he has put in especially this month in assisting DR to grow. 


Azuline has gone out of his way consistently for me helping with the OSRS update with all the conversions and he made it more than possible to release after just a WEEK! Even though I let it down by missing out on a lot of things I have caught up and patched most reported bugs.



I personally thank you for your extended help this month and for everything else, as most of you know Azuline was a manager of Divine-reality and will end up becoming the manager once again.




- Tim

Mod David

Rules [28 May '15]



I have decided to rewrite the rules of Amulius and I am not going to be concise this time round I am going to ensure I cover every aspect to avoid people trying to find loopholes in our policies. If you follow our rules you can play a happy player! If you don't then you will end up with an infraction. Now an infraction can range from a warning to a quarantine.

Below shows our punishment infrastructure:





Stage One: Warning
A player will receive a warning in the event he starts to break a rule. Warnings last 72 hours and you are only given 2 warnings before you go onto Stage Two. Staff members can choose whether they wish to speak to the player depending on the situation. If a staff member wishes to speak to a player to avoid handing out a punishment he or she may do.
Stage Two: Mute
At Amulius if you are given 2 warnings you will then be muted on the 3rd time a staff member has to speak to you. For your first punishment you will be given a 1 hour mute. Mutes cannot be appealed unless they are more than 48 hours and you deem it to be an unfair mute. Your mute can be appealed here.
After your first punishment the muting time changes to the one specified below*:
1 - 2 - 4 - 8 - 16 - 24 - 48 - 72
* Please note this does depend on the serverity of the rule broken and a staff member has full authority to decide whether he wishes to skip a stage in the muting chain.



Stage Three: Ban

We do not have IP-Mutes here so if you are punishment evading your main account and the account you are using to evade a punishment will be banned. Bans may be given out without warning depending on the situation. Bans are not timed and need to be appealed here.



Stage Four: Quarantine

We do not have IP-Bans instead we have a nifty system called quarantine which has two severity levels. Level 0 allows for us to speak to the players whilst they cannot teleport out or move, a player may be kept there if a staff member is pending for his or her return to Amulius or if the staff member wants a word. Level 1 denies all access to Amulius These punishments can be appealed but the likelihood of acceptance is low.




Okay, so now you have an overview of our punishment system I will now present you the rules and guidelines in which you will have to follow in order to avoid the stages mentioned above. We have two sets of rules the forum rules and the in-game rules. The forum rules are supposed to be followed whilst in use of this website and its forums. The in-game rules are expected to be followed within the in-game client of Amulius





Rule 1: Stay Secure

In order for your account to stay secure Amulius has features that will allow you to keep your account safe. Features like the bank pin and the ::changepassword which is available for your use. This means yes you can account share, but this is at your own risk. Amulus will not take liability if your account is stolen or hacked. We recommend that you change your password every week or so in order to prevent hackers getting into your account and we also recommend that you SET A BANK PIN. This can be done by talking to Haera at home.



Rule 2: Being polite

We may not all like each other but at the end of the day we are human and all have feelings. We ask that you are all polite to each other. "Banter" is fine but excessive use of cuss words and anything that may deem as offensive is punishable. If a player reports you for excessive use of offensive language or cuss words and there is enough evidence to prove it using the excuse of "banter" will no longer be accepted. We will take action on anything reported.



Rule 3: Foul play

We do not like cheaters. They ruin the game for everyone else thus making it unenjoyable. If you are suspected of being a cheater you will be put under investigation. Moreso, if you are a cheater you will be permenately removed from Amulius  and you will not be allowed back unless your 'gains' are wiped from your account.


What does this include?

- Exploiting bugs and glitches for your own advantage,

- Scamming,

- Safespotting bosses and minions,

- Trading outside of Amulius

- X-Logging,

- PK Point and BH point farming.



Rule 4: Racism

We do not tolerate racism. Let me be clear on what this means exactly. This means discriminating against a race or culture. If you are intentionally aiming smutty or negative remarks towards a race or culture you will be banned. The use of the 'n' word isn't restricted fully but we advise against the use of it. If it used in an intentional way to hurt someone action will be taken.



Rule 5: Donatable items

Any items that you donate for are yours. In order to maintain our economy we have decided to prohibit any 'free trade' of these items. Items such as the Mystery Box, Ring of Charos, Ring of Charos (a), Donator status packages, Cannon statuses or any item that is inside of the Mystery Box presently is not allowed to be given to others for free or at a very low price.



Rule 6: Donating

By donating to Amulius  you agree that you are the payee owner of the submitted payment method. You agree that this is a virtual-service donation and that any attempts of charge-backs or unauthorised payments will be confronted with this Terms of Service and infractions will be authorised. We are also no longer permitting donation transfers and the account you state who is subject to the donation will receive the benefits supplied with the package.



Rule 7: Wasting staff time

Staff members are players of Amulius that have volunteered to help moderate the server. The staff team are very knowledgable and should specify in their fields. We ask that you respect our staff members as they commit their time in order to help you and solve your everyday problems. Staff members have many things to do in the hours they have on DR as well as wannting to play the game themselves - only contact them if necessary. False accusations may fall under wasting staff team as they will need to investigate the situation and if the claim is false then that time used to investigate the claim is wasted. If you believe that one of the staff members is abusive and needs to be reviewed you can post here. Also, make sure to leave feedback every now and again as this is a real motivational boost for the team.



Rule 8: Third party applications

We allow third party applications (auto typers, auto clickers, etc). We accept that you may be watching the TV or youtube or any other media whilst playing Amulius. However, we ask that you are able to respond when spoken to in order to prevent afk training.



Rule 9: Impersonation

Attempting to impersonate a player or staff member can get you an infraction. Staff members are identified by crowns or the 'i' icon next to their name. If they do not have a crown or the 'i' icon next to their name they are not a staff member.



Rule 10: Creating accounts

As you are expected to read our Terms of Service before playing Amulius, if we deem your character's name to be offensive the account may be forced to have a name change or will be disabled without warning.



Rule 11: Threats

Threats made of any kind will be taken seriously and action will be taken against you. If anything is even remotely threatening the same action will be taken as it would as if it were a threat.



Rule 12: Neighbour hood nuisance

If you are being annoying or 'trolling' excessively you can now be muted. This also counts for harrassment. Harrasing players and being a disruption to their gameplay will also get your account infracted as it may be flame-baiting the player.




A staff member will clarify the rules if needbe at a situation. If a staff member says you are not supposed to do it, you are not. The staff team knows the rules inside and out.


Although staff members enforce the rules they also have to obey them! If you see a staff member breaking a rule make sure to contact the Manager and if the Manager position is vacant contact [member='Mod david'].


The internet can be a harsh place in order to minimilize the impact of hate on Amulius we keep these rules to protect you - the player. As stated before we have two sets of rules above is the in-game rules and below will be the forum rules. The forum rules are moderated by Forum Moderators and Administrators. To report topics use the report button on a post and a moderator will get a notification to intercept the report.




Rule 1: Respect

Maintain your respect and be nice to others whilst using our forums. Using excessive cuss words, being racist and aiming any other offensive remarks to others will result in your post being hidden and receiving a warning point.



Rule 2: Like/Rep Boosting

The like and rep feature is enabled so those who use the forums actively and post productive content are credited for it. Boosting your like and rep will result in the points being reset and a warning point being added to your account.



Rule 3: Display name

We have display names on the forum, we would like for you to use your in-game name but we understand this is not always the case as they may be taken. If you can prove that you have the account in-game but the forum name for it is taken. You can ask an Administrator to investigate the name on the forums or you can fill in the "In-Game Name" field in your account setttings.



Rule 4: Constructive

The forums is a place to be informed, educate and to also build on others ideas. When posting on someone's topic ensure to make sure you have some sort of constructive criticism.



Rule 5: Profile customisation

We allow for you to customise your account as much as possible. If a forum moderator or Administrator deems your personalisations to be unsensible or immature we will take your customisation abilities away.



Rule 6: Wrong section

If you post a topic in the wrong section use the report button in order to draw a moderator's attention. You will not be infracted but the post will be moved for you. That way we can keep the forums clean and organised!



Rule 7: Private messaging

We have a private messaging feature on the forums. If hate of any kind is sent over private messaging you will now be subject to a forums account ban.



Rule 8: Advertising

Advertising on our forums will get you an account ban. This means the use of hyperlinks to advertise and normal links.



Rule 9: Maturity

We're all adults some more than other. Act like it. Be mature and sensible when using our forums.



Rule 10: Pornographic media

Anything that contains pornographic media needs to be put in [ spoiler ] tags with a note saying that the spoiler contains pornographic-related content.




Thanks for taking your time to reading our terms,

-Amulius Staff Team

Mod David

Partial-Cash Removal

Unfortunately I have had to remove a lot of cash-piles due to a dupe that was discovered and users abused it without exempt. 


Fortunately one of them finally decided to let me in on the dupe and this allowed me to quickly write up a patch for it.


I am sorry if you're in the firing range and are affected by the GP reduction.


- Please note, even if you think your GP is legit and feel like moaning at me for this, Please consider the fact that the trial that the GP actually came from was likely duped. 



Just as an FYI


Reporting of abusable bugs such as duping qualifies for rewards such as ingame-credits, or real life $.


So if you ever encounter a dupe, be sure to let me know and get an early pay cheque:)

Mod David

[Bts: Osrs] Update

Progress 100%


Hi guys, this update will be one of our biggest updates on Divine-Reality.


We have now loaded OSRS data, this includes:

  • OSRS Objects
  • OSRS Maps
  • OSRS Items
  • OSRS Animations


We are loading the latest build of OSRS data. Unfortunately, this will take quite a long time. Why? You ask. The OSRS development team has converted all of the IDs for npcs, items, objects and so forth. This means we need to convert everything in the current DR game world to match the new OSRS data's IDs.


Latest updates:

- Tim has completed Zulrah's basic mechanics and has begun work on Corporeal Beast's basic mechanics.

- Azuline has converted the shops.

- Azuline has converted the Mystery Box items.

- Azuline has converted all NPC drops.

- Azuline has converted all NPC Combat Data (attack, block and dying animations).

- Ash has converted all item IDs from ours to OSRS data's. Thanks to Anomaly for helping with this.

- Azuline has started to convert all NPC attack, block and dying animations.

- Azuline has prepared all items ready for conversion upon update.

- Tim has redone 20/20 of the skills

- Azuline has completed all current game-world NPC configurations.

- Tim has added and changed some things in the Pet Store.

- Tim has fixed up all the skills.

- Azuline has converted all slayer NPC IDs.

- Tim has fixed Objects: interaction, dungeon floors.

- Tim has restored skilling area and all custom object spawns

- Tim has started to fix animations and graphics.

- Ash has started to convert all the new item IDs to the new OSRS ids.

- Tim rewritten Prayer

- Tim rewritten Degrading system

- Tim rewritten upgrade & downgrade system

- Tim updated kraken (20% done), now an instanced floor new mechanics

- Azuline has begun reconfiguring all NPCs.

- Azuline has converted all NPC spawns.


What's left?

- Finishing basic boss mechanics

- Changing some NPCs locations

- Changing some teleport options


This is all basic finish up now!


Server Media:




















Mod David

Dismissal Of Mobster

This post is regarding 

[member='Mobster'] our part-time developer.


I personally thank him for the work he put into DR which definitely helped DR exceed quicker when he was available to work but the time has come to resume normal working operations, I will be freeing up a lot of time very soon and I feel it will no longer be necessary. It has also come to my attention his activity has reduced and has become busy elsewhere.


I thank you for your service, and the rest of the server thanks you too.


Farewell, Mobster.

Mod David

Drop Rework Schedule - Inputs?

Hey guys,


With me returning the drop rework continues and the plan was to do all the bosses then do all the smaller monsters. The aim of the rework if you don't know is to make ALL monsters have a special purpose meaning that PvM is useful for all found game monsters.


Here is my current schedule:




Not Started



God Wars Bosses

God Wars Minions

King Black Dragon

Kalphite Queen + Minions


Chaos Elemental

Dagannoth Kings

Kraken + Cave Kraken

Wilderness Bosses


Jungle Demons

Giant Mole

Fremennik Slayer Dungeon

Slayer Tower

Taverly Dungeon

Brimhaven Dungeon
Ape atoll dungeon(s)

Stronghold of Security



Would you like me to stick to this schedule or would you like a new schedule, if so please comment what you'd like the schedule to be?


This thread is also open to suggestions on the completed monsters and if you'd like things to be changed rates to be buffed or nerfed depending on how you feel about them.




Mod David

Staff Applications

Posting this on behalf of [member='Anomaly'].


Hello Divine-Reality Community,

Anomaly here with some information about our plans for the summer. As the school year comes to an end for the majority of us, we have decided to prune the application boards to create room for new and dedicated players to apply. During this summer, the Divine-Reality Staff Team strives to achieve numerous amounts of updates and new content as well as more advertisement spots on various sites to obtain a greater player base. In result of these plans, we will need some extra help in-game! So what better way than finding some of you to become an Informative or Forum Moderator! Keep in mind that becoming a successful staff member on Divine-Reality is no easy feat; it requires a sense of maturity, understanding and dedication.

The requirements for the positions are pinned on the related application boards.

Thank you,
- DR Staff Team


Mod David

Our Stance On Policies [16.05.2015]

From now on [16th march 2015] we will be changing how we handle 'in-game related refunds' 


Just to make it obviously clear this isn't related to donations via our online store found at 


From now on, refunds will only be considered for players that have experienced a glitch / fault caused by the mechanics of the game. This doesn't include issues of your own i.e your Internet connection drops. Items that were scammed by means of the stated methods (Hacking, account sharing, trust trading), and those of similar nature will not be eligible for a refund. This does not mean that the 'rule-breakers' will get away hands free, we will still intervene and punish those who continue to break our rules. However we will no longer be resolving refunds for faults that we cannot claim responsibility for.


We place the necessary security features into our game to protect your account and we are always thinking of more advanced ways to ensure your account protection.


The best tips


- Use a completely randomized password and only use it for DR. This removes the possibility of you becoming hacked due to a previous Server corrupt owner or their Source being sold/leaked.


- Have a decent anti-virus software on your PC. I personally recommend Anti-malware bytes. Easy to crack, practically free. 


- Have a bank-pin completely different from your Ingame password. (Yes we know the logging in part can be annoying, but we are resolving this).


- If you need an xfer use a STAFF member, we are not responsible for players scamming you.

Mod David

Bump Our Advertisement Topics

One of the most effective ways to advertise is via forum advertisement topics


It would be greatly appreciated if some players could BUMP these topics every 24 hours.



(If i am missing some, feel free to add and pm me the link and ill add it to the thread).









Mod David

Potential Leak Of Db



Hi guys, today I regret to inform you that a vulnerability was found within the highscores system which allowed people to download all of the databases that we run on our web-server and this includes all of our Forum board information. i.e, posts, members, users & passwords.



Luckily for us a friend of mine notified me as the hack was in process so we are under beliefs that he didn't get anything useful at this stage (He used a SQLMap which takes a long time to download). 


We recommend that all users change their password and specifically if your ingame password matches your forum password.



Regards, Tim.


In light of this, some good news!


Here's one of our planned updates progress!



Mod David

A Test For Us, Please :)

We are currently in the process of deciding whether we should upgrade to a new Datacentre, and we are unsure as to what datacentre we should pick



Could you please state state your country, like such:


The RBX test


The BHS Test





I live in : The UK..


My results : 





I live in : America


My results: 

Mod David

Oh My God, Combat!

Hey guys,


At present time combat may appear buggy this is due to a few updates that were made live. The update now includes real NPC defence levels and calculates it properly. It is also halfway through a rewrite.


If you could, we would like for you to report any buggy functions with combat; whether it be bad formulas or general PvM situations. if you could post them here. That would be a massive help to the development team.




Mod David

Stepping Down

Hey guys,

Today I write this resignation letter - but not easily is something I must add. I am not leaving for a bad reason but more for a self-beneficial reason. On the 30th of April, I will be stepping down as Manager of Divine-Reality. Some of you may be upset, some of you may be overjoyed. To be completely honest, haters are going to hate - but I know secretly you rate 8 outta 8. The reason for this sudden decision is because at the moment I am in my final year of school and I am starting to undergo serious exams that will set me up for college which will then set me up for life. This is something I must take seriously and should dedicate my full attention to.

In my departure most of the staff may not like my decision, but they have decided to respect it. I have chosen a new manager but this is yet to be 100% confirmed, do not harass the staff team with who it is or I'll kick your ass personally. The member in question is more than capable but like I said not confirmed by Tim himself but if it all goes through I am sure you will all be satisfied enough.

I will continue as Manager as normal until the date specified (30th April) thank you guys,
- [member='azuline']

Mod David

New Store System



Started working on a new store system and wanted to hear your guys opinions. It's not currently active, so please don't try using it.





- Automatically claims donations

- Can claim whether your account is offline / online

- Requests for you to login with your account username & password 

- Can donate for multiple packages in 1 go, and all will be claimed.

- All transaction information is logged for confirmation purposes



- Take a look at it here:

Mod David

Some Most Likely Required Nerfs

Before the latest update all bosses defence stats was not calculated when dealing damage, hence why you most likely dealt high volumes of damage consistently. This means that all bosses have now returned to their original stats, which is most likely a lot harder and more difficult to kill, as they was theoretically 50% weaker due to the flaw.


We would like for you to give us feedback on things that need to be balanced to be doable, and fair, while keeping it stable at the same time.

Mod David

Staff Applications [20 April]

Hey guys,


Staff applications for the following ranks are now open:

- Informative

- Forum Moderator

- Moderator


Yes that's right, Moderator. For the first time in Divine-Reality history we are allowing you to apply for moderator. With this, we need to ensure you are experienced and you have some level of respect from both staff and community to ensure you will not use & abuse this rank. Therefore, a special format has been created for that application forum.


Applications for the ranks listed will be open until further notice. Once they are closed all applications will be deleted once the new batch of staff have been chosen from the applications. Thank you for applying in advance,

- [member='azuline']

Mod David

What Does Dr Need

- What is DR missing? We are looking to do some Game-changing updates in the next few weeks, and we need ideas on what we should work on.



Please make suggestions / reply here with detail about what we should do 

Mod David

New Site Design

Thanks to a friend of mine Juels, we now have a new website design to match our ingame interfaces


There's nothing much to say, apart from review it yourself!









Mod David

Tims first real event!

This is how it turned out



Mod David

Sincere apology

I'd just like to take a moment to apologize to the players of divine-reality for the bumpy road we've had the last week.


I'd like to apologize to a few players in particular and they know who they are.


I am very sorry for acting how i did, i was tired, moody and my luck hasn't being great and it's just all got to me and i wrongfully took it out on a few players. And if you was one of them, I am sorry. We all have boundaries and i pushed mine today, and I feel bad, and I hope you still decide to stick with us and push through these hard-times.


The hard part is now complete, the engine is done and everything seems to be working, this means that we're now officially re-stabalized and back up and running!


To ensure this we have also implemented a backup system, so we will always have backups of characters in the case anything does go wrong.


I have enabled double experience for 4 days and this includes Iron men! I hope you benefit from this, and I do apologize for how i acted on some of you, and it wasn't right and I will never step out of line again, after all this is my choice to run this, and the players do not deserve to be treated how they was today.



- I love every player, the community, especially the one's that go out of their way to assist me in any way they can, we'll make it up to you of that I promise.

Mod David

So many problems lately? Here's why

We have recently began totally changing Divine-reality, and yes this has caused us quite a troublesome amount of problems along the way..



So to kick it off, Id like to apologize if you was effected by any of the problems within the duration of these changes.


What are these changes? 


- Well we began to experience Lag spikes and stuff that shouldn't be occuring, and this ended up with some unexpected issues arising due to the event.


In this duration we have rewritten a lot of the major core and aspects that handle game logic, threads and everything that is required to run a server. This includes networking, too. And with such drastic changes in a short of time, problems did arise as we expected but the altitude was greater than we hoped for.


We seem to be past the issues now and each issue gets us one step closer to being complete, and I can give you the Green flag that everything is secure and running and we should no longer experience any problems. I cannot guarante 100% that something won't go wrong one day, because it's impossible for nothing to ever not go wrong.


In event of this, I will be enabling Double experience for an additional 2 days.



I hope you guys can push through this with us, and continue to thrive!

Mod David

Recent Mbox item trading + duping

Hello everyone, as we all know items that are donated for cannot be in giveaways or drop parties.

Since we have a fresh economy, this is taken very seriously.


Rule V: Drop parties and giveaways with donated-for items

Giving away and hosting drop parties with items you can donate for is not allowed. Although these items may be valuable and nice to receive as a gift, this rule has been put in place to protect both the value of the items and the welfare of Divine-Reality. This rule is a very controversial rule and is enforced strictly.


Recently there was a large amount of Mbox items given out and dropped. (2am pst approx)


Whether it was duping or not, we ask that players return the items to staff IMMEDIATELY.


We will be checking on Thursday the 9th for the items, preceded by two days of evaluation.

Players have until 4/9/2015 to return the items or a ban punishment will be issued if they are found with them.

Merk V M

Community Clan Chat

Hello everyone.


Just to let you all know, the Community Clan Chat 'Azuline' underwent some difficulties today. It wasn't a 'hacker' or an 'abuse' by anyone, just an error that lead to the permissions being reset.


Until further notice (Tim or Azuline logs on) please leave the cc if it experiences more problems.


If you seek conversation or help, join 'Merk v m' temporarily. Make sure to ask ranked members to un-mute you if that occurred in the other clan chat.


Thanks for reading and sorry about the problems.

Merk V M

Donation refund closure

If you have returned and wanting a donation refund, and it's before the 7th April then your refund will be processed.


Due to the nature of the situation a lot of refunds have being processed and this has caused a lot of the donation items to lose a heck a lot of value and to prevent any further damage to the start of the economy we're going to disable any refund requests after the 7th, so if you have any outstanding payments make sure you post them BEFORE the 7th or they will not be processed.


This is done with the intention of helping the server, not to screw you over. If you haven't joined before the 7th you obviously wasn't a player who played and will most likely just join, see what you get and shortly leave.

Mod David

Staff Applications

Hey guys,


Staff applications have been closed again, they should have closed two days ago but due to recent events I have been busy and unable to sort through it all. Applying to become an informative is no longer possible however, due to the recent introduction to the Forum Moderator rank, we are allowing 7 extra days to apply to become a Forums Moderator. Applications for becoming a Forum Moderator will close on the 10th of April.


When applying for this rank, experience of forum moderation would be ideal.


We are looking at choosing three forum moderators - thanks,

- [member='azuline']

Mod David

My Upcoming Absence

So as most of you may know, Easter is coming up on Sunday 5th April and I am going to be going on a weeks Holiday somewhere with my Family as its going to be my big Sister's last few weeks before she goes off to University. Now I have no idea where we are going to be going but I know its not anywhere close, or with WiFi...

This means that I am not going to be able to access the wonderful Server of Divine-Reality RSPS until the day that I come back.


Now, I am going to be leaving tonight at roughly 6:00pm (Server Time) and will be staying at my Granddad's house all of tomorrow, which means I will be able to access Divine-Reality all of tomorrow too. But after tomorrow (Saturday 4th April) I will be 'Jetting' (or driving) off to a location unknown to me. I will arrive back at me house on Sunday 12th April and dependent on the time that I arrive back at home, I will be active either from Sunday 12th April or Monday 13th April.


I also will be leaving the responsibility of creating a server event for every Saturday on which I am gone up to the other Event Organizers on the Staff Team (sorry guys).


Thank You for taking your time to read this and I hope that you all have a Happy Easter!


Im So Good

Im So Good


You have started the ns23****.net server re-installation 
on 2015-03-31 08:32:18.

The following error occurred:
- Server does not awake (BIOS has not been fixed for win?) !

To repair this error it is necessary to conduct an intervention.
It will be soon done by our technicians. You will be informed 
about the beginning and ending of it. Our technician will 
restart the operation.

During this intervention, the server will be running in the 
mode that make any change in the manager unavailable (reboot, netboot.)


All i can do is wait guys, sorry.

Mod David

Your characters (II)

In addition to the other thread, this will cover name changes.


If you are changing your name and you are a donator you will need to specify that on the donation refunds.

If you are a staff member that is fine, but your old staff member name will be banned to limit impersonation. I will need your new staff name by the end of tonight in order to get a new list published.

Mod David

Your characters

Tim has been placed in a real difficult situation with the dedi server having it's operating system uninstalled all the data on it has been lost. The source can be recovered, but the character files cannot.


Divine-Reality can continue to live but characters will be reset. Yes, this is annoying - yes you will be mad, but who do you want to win Tim or the hacker? I think Tim. So, Divine-Reality will live on, but your characters will be reset. Donators will receive amounts of credit to recompensate missing items and statuses which they can then buy at Osman you will only receive credits for the amount you have paid for no excess amounts, if you receive insufficient credits the Donate Related refunds board has been pruned, so post in there.


The next few days will be very busy, so you will have to bare with the whole staff team. Again, we'd like to apologise and we are extremely sorry for all your hard work and efforts being drained but think of it as a fresh start. You are not the only ones annoyed Tim is also annoyed with himself for being such an idiot. But hey we all make mistakes, but the best thing about them is we learn from them.


So let's let DR live on!

Mod David

Hacked, Yes.

Yes, guys I did indeed get malwared by a guy on my skype, he lead me on believing that he managed to make a cheat-client for Divine-reality, and i stupidly attempted to run it and find out more details so i could patch the problem, fair enough to say moments later he was wiping my account, destroying the website and attempting to get a copy of the source.


Luckily enough i reacted fast in this and i managed to stop him from getting a copy of the source, so he did not manage to get a full working source copy, but he did manage to get a couple of character files which is why some of us got hacked. 


I do sincerely apologize, and would like to remind everyone not to accept downloads from random people, as this can happen to you, and oh make sure your anti-virus actually works! Upon review today my anti-virus has being broken for the past few days, so the timing was incredibly unlucky on my behalf.



Hopefully no one was really damaged in the process of this, apart from me of course and the site and my paypal balance :p, but the outcome wasn't as bad as some may think.


We all make mistakes, and I made one today, but the security of the players was the most important thing for me and securing the dedicated server was my priority. Moments after realizing i was malwared i began to immediately secure the dedicated server and the source, but he hacked my dropbox which allowed him slight access to some files. 



Welp, just another great day of fun at Divine-Reality!

Mod David

Thank you - tim

Hello guys, I would just like to take a moment and breathe in ...

I would like to thank the amazing community, the thriving support and understanding of the members of divine-reality, and I am lucky to be here with you guys and keep going out if my way to improve Dr for the outstandingly supportive players and staff

Firstly I'd like to praise the extensive effort that the team has gone through, going from a small time server to hundreds of players is a big difference and the team is coping exceptionally well, I am berry pleased by the efforts contributed by the staff members.


A special shout out to [member='Green fish'] who has being with me for 10 months and extensively goes out of his way to do jobs for me, including all of the drop-tables, updating definitions, and even helping me converting some of the new updates.

I'd also like to thank the players, you're an amazing group of people, and to stick through everythin we've home through Is incredible, we have being online for over a year now and some of you are still with us ! Incredible, not to even think about all the new and eager supportive players that are joining us everyday and involving themself with our community and becoming a part of a great new beginning .

So tim, why the long ass post?

I am just proud, happy and satisfied with how we've gone from nothing to what we are today, we hit128 online which is a great achievement, regardless of what anyone says and I am proud to be the developer and founder of such a wonderful server and community.

I will be doubling my efforts to improve divine / reality and pleasing all types of players is my priority, let's get ready for hundreds of olayers, pkers, skillers, pvmers. This will be the new home to all types of players and I will do everythin in my power to keep everyone satisfied and eager to continue playing divine-reality

I'd also like to apologize for out current issue involving a desdlock, but I assure you this will be fixed very soon if it's not already! No more rollbacks, no more set backs, it's time to grow.

I'd also like to thank everyone who's supported us financiallly, we couldn't of got here without your increidknle support!

I apologize for any spelling mistakes, I wrote this on my crappy phone :)

- David

Mod David

Server Offline [3/29/2015]

The server is currently down. Tim has been made aware of the situation and will investigate the problem when he is awake.



Please be patient and feel free to browse our forums until the server is back online!


Website Problems

Hey guys,


If you haven't already seen previously, the website has recently gone down because of a "508 resource limit" error. This is because all the resources are being used up. Whilst Tim searches for an upgrade in order to make sure this doesn't happen again, the highscores have been disabled (as they were taking up all the resources).


Sorry for any inconvenience,

Divine-Reality Staff Team

Mod David

Server Event - Mass Dagganoth Kings (All 3)

So just a bit ago I polled what Boss we should Mass, and Dagganoth Kings won. In this case, we shall be holding a mass Dagganoth Kings event on the 28th March 2015. The event will be held, of course, in the Dagganoth Kings Lair. Which can be accessed via Boss Teleport. Everyone is welcome and the gear will be needed to kill the King you want.


The event will be held at 6:00pm GMT (Server Time) and will take place for 1 hour up until 7:00pm GMT (Server Time). This will also be a Free-For-All event unless of course you bring a few friends to split the drops that you may get.


Thanks for all the support in the previous events that I myself have organised, and considering the drop of the Zamorakian Spear we got in the last event, I wish you all good luck on this one!


Yours Sincerely,


Im So Good and all the Staff Team!




Im So Good

Server Downtime [28th March]

It appears that the server has been terminated - we are still yet to know this cause. But the latest news is that Tim has been contacted and should arrive shortly to fix the issue and put the server back online.


Once the server is online and you find any issues (in regards to items), please post in the refunds section or message a staff member in-game once online. In order to help aid Tim in to the cause of the issue can you please post what you was doing 15 minutes before the server went offline.


We'd like to apologise for any inconvenience caused - thank you,

Divine-Reality Staff Team

Mod David

New wikipedia link

As of March 20th we have been using a new Wikipedia which can be found here.


Due to the last founder of the wiki leaving the staff team we are unable to properly administrate the old wikipedia. We have now made a new wikipedia and to ensure this never happens again [member='Mod Tim'] will also have 100% rights with myself on the wikipedia as soon as it can be possible. I'd like to apologize for any inconvenience caused by this wikipedia transfer.


I'd also like to give a massive thank you to [member='terrel'] for helping rebuild the wiki and it's templates and previous CSS code. [member='terrel'] is now a Wiki Officer with administrative rights on the wikipedia. 

Thank you,

- Divine-Reality Wiki Team

Mod David

Mass Boss Event (Zamorak)

Hey guys, I am glad to inform you that on Saturday the 21st March 2015 (tomorrow) there will be a Mass Boss Event  held at Zamorak Godwars.


I will allow this to be a Free-For-All Event so that the person who gets a drop (if any) is allowed to keep it. This may seem unfair to some people with not-so-good armour, but I cannot stop this happening.


Notes for Zamorak: Pray melee for the boss itself, then mage one the boss dies. You will have to get 5 Kill Count if you are not a Sponsor (::donate for the prices of all donations if you are thinking of getting sponsor or anything else before tomorrow night).


This event will be held from 6:00pm GMT (Server Time) to 7.00pm GMT (Server Time) tomorrow.


Everyone is welcome to this event... Ironmen, Regular Players, Donators, EVERYONE!!


We wan't to see this event turn out a good one, so I'm leaving that up to all you players to make that happen! :D


Thanks guys, Good Luck tomorrow! (I'll be there too).

Im So Good

Community Event - PVP (Player vs Player) Event

Hello guys,


I am happy to announce that on Saturday 14th March there will be a Player vs Player (PVP) event being hosted at the King Black Dragon teleport (for those who do not know how to get there, simply use the Boss Teleport in the spell book tab and select 'King Black Dragon'). This event will be held from 6.00pm GMT (Server Time) until 7.00pm (Server Time).


Sufficient levels may be required to take part in this event as some pkers may be higher levels than others but non-the-less, everyone is welcome to come and join. Feel free to come along and spectate too (just make sure not to bring items if you are not pking). 


Once again this event will be held on Saturday 14th March at the King Black Dragon teleport.


Note: For this event to go as planned, we need as much turnout as possible so please do come along and have some fun!


Thank You,

Divine-Reality Staff Team


P.s. Ironmen are welcome to come too, except if you are coming, you can only pk other ironmen.

Im So Good

Server Crash (5/3/15)



If you didn't know already the server has crashed letting you login on your account but then remaining logged in. Meaning you will exceed your limit address and again, you will not be able to login. [member='Mod Tim'] has been notified of this server error and should be here soon to sort it.

In the mean time, to help find out what caused this error I'd like to ask if you could all post what you was doing just before the crash happened. This will help [member='mod tim'] find a possible flaw in code and be able to amend it.


Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience,

- [member='green fish']

Mod David

Skills, Drops, Everything else.

So this topic is to discuss some matters in DR, and hopefully get some feedback which allows us to change DR for the overall better good.





Of course drop-rates are still under the re-work to balance them, but if you have any specific npcs , items , drops that you personally believe needs nerfing, adjusting, making harder etc we would like to hear.. 


This doesn't mean WE will for definite change them, because at the end of the day if you make something so easily obtainable, everyone has it, and it loses it's value. But we also don't want you to grind npc for 48 hours for nothing..


If you would like any extra items added to bosses etc, please also comment that, DONT just say ADD MORE, actually describe the differences / changes you would like to see.


Skill (Experience)


I've being thinking about this for awhile and would like to hear the player's view on the current skill-exp rates and would like to know if any are too easy, too hard ETC. I would personally like to balance these so we can have a perfect ratio of skilling and keeping the challenging feel about DR.



What are we specifically missing that you believe DR needs NOW?




What I am currently on the midst of working on.


Player G.E


A simple player-based Buy & sell system which will support online & offline transactions (Remove the tedious requirement of attempting to purchase items).




Finishing the Clue-scroll system in GROOVY. This will include bosses, npcs, locations, quzzles,  fights, It's going to be big, and great. (No more knowing of every clue instantly).


Some more stability work 


I have currently being working hard at improving DR's performance, a lot of things have being re-written and a lot of things are going to get re-written, unfortunately you guys don't really see these changes, apart from the days when we usually would lag, we no longer do. Or encounter problems.


Projectile Clipping


This is something i've wanted to do for a while, and will be separating some time to finally do this.

Mod David

New trailer video


Credits to U S D Wat for the creation of this video.

Mod David

Suggestions and Reports



A few days ago the Staff Team learnt of something new and that is this. So what does this mean? It means that he cannot store and process information mentally and YOU, yes YOU can help him out! 


But how? I hear you ask.


Did you know? On this forums we have many different sections for many different things from Suggestions to Bug Reports. Lately, Tim has been getting many reports and suggestions of all kinds directly in-game or on the forums private messaging centre. Now Tim will always listen to the community as he always has and will always look for new innovative ideas designed by you guys and coded by Tim for you to enjoy. He will also fix any issues you may encounter whilst playing on Divine-Reality. However, when Tim is in game he is normally already busy with something or is trying to enjoy the very own server he has created.  


So what is the point of the story?

If you post your stuff on the forums, it can be reviewed and extended and so forth which means its a better way of doing things.

The forums is a great place where Tim will look at all your Suggestions, Bugs and other help posts (Refunds, Recoveries). You can find them all by clicking on their respective links below.


- Account/PIN Recovery

- Bugs

- Help

- Rants

- Refunds

- Suggestions


Thank you - remember Tim will look at your suggestions and will deal with your bug reports but you must post them on the forums as it is much easier for Tim to review, see support and get more information from the threads rather than in-game. I have not been asked to create this thread but I am instead doing it because I have noticed the bombardment that Tim gets as soon as he logs in,


- Divine-Reality Staff Team

Mod David

Donating update

Nvm, store is backup.


Unfortunately, the old store system we had has had to be removed, due to some issues with Paypal and the site 

Mod David

A few things to mention



Over the course of the next few months there will be some minor updates which will be good in the long term. These updates will help the community and will also give more incentive to kill monsters.


Wiki Team

Did you know Divine-Reality has a wiki? Probably not, but we do! You can find the wiki here.


We would like to advertise and use the Wikipedia a bit more as a lot of work was put into running and making the wiki possible. Because of this we are setting up an official wiki team again. There will be two new ranks up for grabs:


- Wiki Officer

- Wiki Contributor


The job of the Wiki Officer is to find, promote, demote all wiki contributors and they are also to help build the wiki up with all the information needed.

The job of the Wiki Contributor is to edit the wiki with all the essential information needed on Monsters, locations and so forth.


Before we can start getting wiki contributors, we need the Wiki Officer which is why you can now apply for this rank in the Staff Applications board which can be found here. The player will need to have a fair amount of knowledge on using the wiki and have a fair amount of knowledge about Divine-Reality, thank you and good luck.



Player Versus Monster

Over the next few months you will notice some changes to the drops of all monsters on Divine-Reality. Drops will be made more fair based on their difficulty they will also have nice rates and lucrative drops meaning you can get  more from monsters across the board.


This being said we also want to fully publish the drop list for those who are editing the wiki which is why you can now find the drop list file here. You can also find a tutorial on how to read the list here.




Players who have been punished in game will now receive a message from a board member within 72 hours of their punishment explaining who they were punished by, why and also the evidence we have against them.




Players who have appealed will now only have their appeal application accepted by Divine-Reality board members, this is to prevent confusion.



Youtuber Rank

The youtuber rank will be given to those who make youtube videos for and about Divine-Reality. If you have more than 300 subscribers and you have made a promotional video for Divine-Reality you will receive the GOLD youtuber rank.


Thank you,

- Divine-Reality Administration

Mod David

Baby sister

Little baby sister,



I don't know if this is the sort of thing that I should post here, whether you guys would care or not, but My mum has just brought in a special little girl, Emma she weights 8lb 6oz. Most of you probably didn't know my mum was even pregnant, but here she is!



Mod David

Staff Nominations #1



We have made some changes to the way staff are recruited. So instead of our old methods of watching and handpicking our recruits we are now going to let you nominate and vote for who you'd like to become staff.


So on this thread you can nominate a player you'd like to see as a potential staff member. On the 15th of January we will close nominations and we will host a vote - which will then close on the 18th of January. The players who receive the most amount of votes will be interviewed and then we will select the recruits from there.


Nomination rules:

- Pick someone who has potential and not just because they are your friend.

- You can only nominate once on this thread.

- You cannot vote for yourself.


That's it - thank you for your time,

Divine-Reality Board

Mod David

Scamming Rule

So this is quite a debatable subject and I want you, the community, to decide.


So by voting option 1 you are allowing for:

- A scamming rule to be introduced and for it to be looked at all angles. From trading to staking, etc.


By voting option 2 you are agreeing to:

- A scamming rule not to be introduced but instead a rule for staff members instead to not scam in order for you to gain their trust.


By agreeing to option two we can't guarantee complete scam free, so if a staff member were to scam, they would be suspended whilst under investigation and then a formal decision will be made once the investigation is complete.


So make sure to vote and leave your thoughts below - thanks,

Divine-Reality Staff Team

Mod David

Community Events

Hey guys,


Today I am revealing one of our plans for getting the community together for scheduled events that will be hosted by our new appointed Event Organisers (EO's). 


Event Organisers will organise events weekly which both players and staff will be able to attend to. These events may be Minigame events, Skill events, PvP or PvM events or any other creative event that these two appointed members can think of. These events wont necessarily have rewards but are more of a way of bringing the community together and giving you an extra activity. 


Squirty and Psychotic are your brand new Event Organisers and you can expect an event to be scheduled within the next week or so, the event will be announced in our events board under our News category. These events are not necessary for you to attend to, but the more there is the funner and more enjoyable it will be. 


Thank you,

Divine-Reality Staff Team

Mod David

Got Staff? Along with other Announcements

Staff Member Election System


I am proud to introduce the new staff member system that will be effective after this coming (possibly with in the next 3 hours) staff update. The new system will allow everyone who has played the server for a minimum of 12-hours to nominate and second a member of the community to become a server support. After the member is nominated they will be "interviewed" by myself (Buffoon), Green Fish, or Acex V2 (the current board members). After the member is deemed ready or not ready, those elected members whom are deemed ready will go into a poll. 



Staff Requirements


To prevent Joe Shmo from becoming staff here are a few new requirements:


1. The player nominated must have 25 posts to forums, we understand that not everyone likes to use forums but they are an essential part of being a staff member.

2. The player must have a good understanding of the game and the community

3. The player must be helpful .


We are currently not setting a minimum amount of in-game time. 





The sale is now over, hope everyone got there sweet holiday deals! (Pending Tim)



Drop Parties 


As of next year (har har) or tomorrow Drop Parties will no longer be allowed, Hope you enjoyed them all while they were here!



Staff Changes 


Nexus has resigned he will no longer have any role in the staff team. Green Fish is now the manager!



DDoS Threats 


There recently have been a lot of DDoS Threats and we are no longer going to be taking them lightly. If there is so much as a hint of a DDoS threat you will be Quarantined on sight. We are a safe server and are looking to keep it that way. Please be smart about who you add outside of the game, ie. Skype.


Merry Christmas!

Hello players of Divine-Reality,


On behalf of the staff team we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year! This year there has been many great updates! 


From my own personal experience, I have been here since May and I have found this to be the best server I have played and moderated. I am proud to be an Administrator here at Divine-Reality and it's all thanks to you guys. Without you guys we would not have the community we have now. Although, our player base isn't as strong as it once was great updates are to come and this will surely allow for us to grow.


The future holds so much potential Divine-Reality and I and I am sure many others are glad to be apart of it.

So again, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



Divine-Reality Staff Team

Mod David

Forum Recolour

Okay, so recently as new groups are being introduced (Sponsor, Forum Administrator and so forth) I have noticed that colours have started to clash or not go with each other making some members groups look a little tacky.


So in voting yes to this poll you are agreeing that:

  • The forums will hold a variety of colours with new pips to help prevent colour clashing.
  • Board re organisation for ease and quick access to certain parts of the forums.
  • New crowns for the member groups.
  • Permissions for moderative groups will be altered.

In voting no you are agreeing to:

  • No changes being made.

Any vote is appreciated, you can also leave your thoughts, comments and suggestions below. Thank you very much for giving us some feedback and voting in our poll,


- Divine-Reality Staff Team


Note: This topic will close on the 12th of December and which ever has the highest vote will win.

Mod David

Upgrade to or purchase Sponsor

Hi guys, I am introducing a new addition 'Sponsor'


Due to some issues, I am having to put trust & faith into the players to not abuse this feature.


Even after regardless attempts of efforts its not possible to block every type of combination to use <shad> color code.



To upgrade to sponsor you can pay an additional fee of $12.50 from Premium to sponsor or if you purchase sponsor directly it's a low cost of $25.


I will shortly make this into a real system so limits will work appropriately and this will be a flawless feature.


Sponsor will include all of the Premium features and Donator features.



* Features


Ability to change your loyalty title : 


Limits - restrictions


No racism, offensive language and capitalization is blocked. You ARE allowed to use <col= colour codes and up to 1-6 character titles.I am willing to take suggestions on adjustments to this if you do not enjoy how the system is.You can change your title per 24 hours for no FEE.

How to perform ::title enterTitlehere : Get coloured titles via ::title <col=HEXCODE>Title


PKP Addition


Are you a sponsor?


Enjoy 24/7 Double PKP & Extra! 


Extra PKP boost, 50 for normal kills, instead of 25
if Killstreak is 1-4, 125 points per kill
4-7 155 pts
7-10 180 pts
10 + 225 pts

Mod David

Teamspeak 3 Server

We are now hosting a Teamspeak 3 server for anyone who wishes to join, our server IP is "". Teamspeak is a way of live communications between members of the server, its a chat-room, To download Teamspeak  3 click here.  This will be a trial month as this service is not free and is coming out of my own pocket, I will be happy to continue supplying the needed funds for the server if this is successful.


Our server IP is ""


Hope to talk to you all there, 


Saftey Measures - 24/11/2014

Dear Scapers, 


As of 24/11/2014 I have enabled a few safety measures and may disrupt your near-future game play. This will only be temporary and on behalf of myself and The Divine-Reality Staff Team I would like to apologize for any problems this may cause. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact myself or any of the other members of the staff team.





Divine Times! Issue #1

Here is a link to the first Divine times! Enjoy and feel free to leave some feedback!


Staff News Letter

The news letter will come out once a week and cover important game news such as: 

  • Promotions/Demotions
  • Big in-game New
  • All submitted big drops
  • All submitted big achievements 
  • Some information about the server
  • Max players on 
  • Spoilers 
  • Any advertisements players want 

Please note this will not cover game updates. This will be a formal letter, not just a forums post 


What are we missing?

I would like to involve the community to help direct DR in the correct direction, something which you believe will benefit everyone and keep players interested & playing DR for as prolonged as possible.


I am willing to hear & listen to ALL ideas, and if an idea receives enough support I will do my best to my ability to implement / resolve the issues that are spoken for.



Let's change the FACE of DR, and really push us back out there and make us enjoyable, once again.


Please note we cannot have certain features due to our region restriction.


Please note: this is about the BIGGER BIGGER picture, not small suggestions / bug fixes. I know there is a lot I still need to do, but this is to help me figure out what DR is missing, and what our next BIG-step is.

Mod David

my "Absense"

So, I have heard rumors that people think I am not active, fair enough I barely show my face in game but there is a legit able reason behind this..



As soon as I enter the game, I am usually bombarded with questions, and I end up spending hours of time dealing with people's questions, complaints, or just chatting in general. I end up wasting my spare time I gave myself, and end up doing no work!


Unfortunately University requires a lot of time from myself, If i want to succeed, and blimey I do otherwise i've wasted years of my life getting there, just to jack it off because I couldn't provide enough daily updates for DR.


I am trying my best to get updates & patches out, ASAP to prevent players becoming upset due to bugs / no new content being delivered.


I know there are a few important things that need to be resolved, and I appreciate you having patience with me, but Its not that easy, I have to find the source of the problem then apply a working fix. I thank you to the players who understand and continue to support DR and myself, especially the staff-team & loyal players.



Thank you.

Mod David

Apology - Bad week for DR.

I would just like to take a moment to apologize for the recent issues DR has been suffering.


Recently I began working on something known as "Parallel" updating, which would of sufficiently improved Divine-reality, as the updating would be much more efficient, but I did not expect the results I was greeted with.



After brutal hours of work, I had finally got it to work, but ran into issues I wasn't expecting, even though I had rolled back the SRC, some of the code and modifications still existed which was still breaking the game, I had to act fast and to prevent losing some of the recent content / updates I attempted to resolve the issue, on "blind luck" as there is no possible way of knowing what is actually triggering it, I went on a knowledge basis and thought i had found the issue.


Thus : High scores being rewritten, then another serious update, regarding the current-threading system in DR.



So, hopefully we are past all of these issues now, I had rolled back the SRC to V54, which is 20th September archive, which means we have lost the clue-scroll system and several other fixes.


I will be running the server for a day or two, before coming to the conclusion the issue is gone, and then i will begin to re-implement / re-write the features that are missing.



A personal apology to the players, rolled back users and my moody stance.


Some of you may have being in the cross hair of my moody stance yesterday or today, as I have being extremely busy working hard attempting to resolve the issue, and I have taken out the stress on some former players which was a mistake on my end. I do apologize in advance for that, and I hope no one took it serious.


I would also like to apologize for any of the players that had  got rolled back, and I really would like to restore your accounts to the exact time & date, but Its just not possible. 



Website update:


Some of you may have noticed we have had several situations where the website has gone down, I have migrated our website to a partition on our dedicated server so we should no longer experience any downtime.

Mod David

Inactivity for a couple of days

Some of you may be aware that I am moving house on the 27th September, and I am currently packing up my room, and we will be losing Internet access on the 20th September, (god knows why)


If anyone needs me you can contact me directly via [email protected] and i will respond ASAP.



Thanks. I'll be back soon :)

Mod David

Mysterybox - what do you want?

Each & every time i have updated this, It has always been the staff-inputs, and some of my own ideas.


I'd like to know what kind of items / things you would personally like to see in there.

Mod David


This update is purely to see if the DC-issue is now patched.


I would like for players to feedback on this, from now on and see if they're still experiencing these widely-experienced DCS.


Potentially found what the issue was, and I have my fingers crossed that this is the end of the issue.



Cheers, Tim.

Mod David

Google Adsense

Hi guys, Today I have released Google-adsense throughout the website, to hopefully bring in some extra revenue. With google-adsense, I hope to market it correctly, allowing DR to run without depending on Player-donations.


Simply by clicking these links once a day, you're helping DR without even realizing. And it's completely safe too.


Some users may not see the google-adsense if they're using ad-block software, but simply by changing browsers to an unsupported version, you will be able to perform these steps.



I appreicate all the support, Thank you.

Mod David


Good day,

A scheduled maintenance will be held on July 29th, at 7:00 AM, Eastern Time. Your server is being migrated to new and more performant infrastructure in the datacenter. One or more of your servers will be affected by this maintenance, and while there is no planned downtime, we wanted to make sure that you knew about this particular event.


Mod David

New Bug Tracker

Hi guys, this should hopefully improve the organisation of bugs, and allow us to prioritize, each bug and get them fixed ASAP 


If you encounter any bugs / things that need to be fixed, can you please post a pull request here

Mod David

Rollback -

I have decided within the best intentions of the server, to rollback several different items that were mass-duped


Why has it taken 3 days? Septagonal asks.


Simply because - Why would we remove them, if they can just be re-duplicated back in? Not only do we waste our own time, it could get even worst.


​Now that we have patched the dupe, we can start taking measurements to clean up the economy, and make it fun once again.


I thank everyone for their support and understanding.



This includes


  • Dragon bones
  • Coins
  • Donator box
  • Premium Box
  • Iron ore
  • Santa hats
  • Mage's book
  • Crystal keys

Mod David

Email Verification


In regards to email verifications, the verification system has temporarily been turned off, please enjoy the forums without the worry of having to validate your account.




It seems that the people who are using @hotmail emails to validate their accounts are not receiving the verification email... At the time, Tim is not around to fix this.

To get past this issue, please create your account (or change your email in settings, and resend validation email) with a @gmail or @aim or @yahoo. These are the three that I believe are receiving the email.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


Setback for us all...


Everything has been restored.
How ever for some odd reason you are unfortunately one of the few who we cannot restore.

Seems the System did not backup your account we believe this is something to do with permissions or the particular accounts that are missing was not backed up. But as it states in our Terms of Service it is the clients responsibility to take regular backups of their data.

Do you have a backup that we can restore for you?




Unfortunately, around yesterday, our provider had an issue which caused them to lose all of our hosting accounts with the data.


Unfortunately I am one of the unlucky people (like usual) who gets screwed over the most, and because of this we have completely lost our site, along with many important files and data. 


It's an extremely unlucky time because I recently cleaned my computer as I had just cleaned my computer as it was flustered with loads of stuff, I thought I no longer needed which means  I do not have any backups of the site. 


I have tried my hardest to recover anything I can but they've lost everything of mine ,and I have no left overs apart from things I recently modified, which is why we still have the donate, highscore, and vote page functioning.


I am sorry if this is a burden to you, but it is to me just as much. At least this allows us to hopefully better-organise the site, and have a much more appealing view and easier to navigate to where we want to go.



We still have a lot of updates planned, and coming in shortly. So please don't get upset, for my sake and yours.

Mod David

Behind the scenes

We just recently released Bounty Hunter, be sure to come and check it out.